Samsung announces Galaxy Tab development forum and tools

The Samsung Galaxy Tab is going to change the face of Android, and Samsung is doing its part to assist developers and make the transition of developing for a tablet as seamless as possible.  Samsung has sent out an email to registered Android developers with a series of handy links and information about the tweaks needed to take advantage of the big 1024x600 7-inch screen.  Using Samsung's tools and existing Android APIs, developers can easily make applications that correctly scale across all screen sizes, and the new screen real estate on the Galaxy Tab will allow for some new and exciting user experience changes for tablet specific applications.  Developers, and other interested parties should check out these links:

  • SDK Add-on Link
  • follow @AndroidDev (Official Android Developers Twitter account, as recommended by Samsung)
  • Galaxy Tab Info

Looks like we're in for some really cool apps and games, and Samsung certainly looks to be doing all they can to support Android development.  Thanks, Sammy!  [Samsung Mobile]

Jerry Hildenbrand
Senior Editor — Google Ecosystem

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