Samsung announces Europe launch for dual-SIM Galaxy S Duos

It leaked around a month ago, but today it looks like the Samsung Galaxy S Duos is officially official. The phone is a 4-inch dual-SIM entry-level dealie, powered by a 1GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon S3 CPU, backed up by 512MB of RAM and running Android 4.0 with Sammy's TouchWix Nature UX. There's also 4GB of on-board storage -- expandable via microSD card slot -- as well as a 1500mAh battery and 5MP rear camera. And unlike some dual-SIM phones, the S Duos allows both SIMs to be active at the same time, so you can take a call on one while receiving on the other.

Normally dual-SIM phones are limited to developing markets, where phone users often have two or more SIMs because individual network coverage is spotty. What's unique about the Galaxy S Duos is that it's aimed at the European market. We imagine this type of phone might be useful to frequent European travelers, who might be interested in keeping two SIMs from different countries in the same device.

There's no release date given for this device just yet, but we imagine we'll learn more about the Galaxy S Duos at the IFA show in Berlin next week.

Source: Samsung Tomorrow

Alex Dobie
Executive Editor

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  • I would love this feature in a Nokia WP8 phone. A have a private sim and a work sim, instead of two phones all the time I could just have one... :)
  • Same for me, has to drag two phones along.
    Tried the Samsung B7722 a while back but it seemed more like developed for those who wanted to use 2SIM-cards at different times of the day and synced the whole address book to one Outlook. If this one let you sync private contacts at home and work related ones at work I'll get one right away.
  • So... the specs of Samsung Galaxy S could have received ICS + TW after all...