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Samsung acknowledges problem with emergency dialer after DL09 update

Samsung just got back with us regarding a fairly serious bug some people are seeing after the recent DL09 over-the-air update for the Verizon Fascinate. Namely, some of you can place an emergency call if you're using the pattern lock feature. The sky's not falling, but it is a potentially serious bug. Here's Samsung's response:

It has come to the attention of Samsung Mobile during the recent DL09 OTA (Over-the-Air) update for the Samsung Fascinate that some users utilizing the Pattern Lock are finding that the Emergency Call shortcut is not automatically launching the dialer. However, unlocking the device will allow the user to make calls as they normally would, including emergency calls. We apologize for the inconvenience and are continuing to evaluate the issue, including if the issue is linked to the update.

Kudos to Samsung for looking into it. For now, we continue to recommend that you not use the pattern lock feature if you've upgraded to DL09.

  • Oh, Samsung.....smh
  • In the Forums we found a Fix that seems to work for most of us. Activate the lock then reboot the phone. Seems to fix it. #38
  • It works...sometimes. I usually have to let my phone go back to sleep and then wake it back up 1-2 times and then it works. The big problem for me is company poilcy states in order to have my work email on my phone, I cannot use the slide lock. So I'm hosed either way.
  • How the hell are they EVER going to give us Fascinate owners Froyo, if they can't even get a stupid maintenance update right? No emergency calling, phone reading as a CD drive. Samsung=FAIL. #Neveragain
  • I'm going with buggy as long as it doesn't brick your phone!
  • Would you rather..... Get a buggy update sooner or Get a bug free update later Myself, I don't mind the bugs as xda has a way of fixing them pretty quickly. I would take the buggy update
  • It's almost like owning a BB Storm with all the damn problems
  • come on now. really?
  • Its good they acknowledged this. Now I wonder when they're going to fix the email problem. I cannot receive mail for my three accounts without manually refreshing. I'm new to Verizon so I never knew this phone (fascinate) had that issue. I called them and Verizon for two days and they told me they had never heard of an issue and was going to send me a new phone. I had to call them back bc the order was never placed. Their system was down Friday and they never called me back. I called back yesterday and a lady told me this has been a known issue and getting a new phone would not fix it bc Samsung hasn't fixed the problem. She told me to use K9 (which isn't working too well bc I don't understand all the settings and default settings does not push the mail through). I told I her I didn't feel it was necessary to use an application if the phone I paid for shouldnt need a workaround. They even had me delete the advanced task killer saying that was the problem. I've deleted it, deleted the accounts and readded them, and done a hard rest and it still works the same. She basically said unless I want to keep manually refreshing my phone, I need to use an application. Samsung really need to fix that bc I search online and I've seen complaints about this same thing since September of last year. Part of the main functions of the phone is email push. Gmail works instantaneously. They advised me to just use Gmail or forward everything there. I don't want to do that but I'm willing to workaround until the fix come or I find a better device. That is ridiculous. Samsung is not looking good to me right now. I was an avid blackberry user. The Pearl was the only phone I'd ever kept longer than a year. I had it for 3 years then I switched to android. While android is the best OS ever, no platform can touch the email capabilities of Blackberry. Still wouldn't trade my android device though lol
  • That's great. We will see a fix for this I'm sure "as soon as possible" meaning maybe sometime this year.
  • It is disheartening on one hand as they and the carriers and Samsung can say "See? Nothing but trouble." The flipside is that they should be able to put out stable updates given the time they've taken.
  • Samsung just sucks! It's like they do nothing or send out updates that don't work as it should. I feel it's best to just stay away from their products, unless you plan on never updating what the phone came with, when you opened the box.
  • This is why OEMs need to stop trying to develop 9 trillion phones a year and focus on a select few models and update them accordingly. Given lack of updates and these update bugs, they would really benefit from extra time testing for bugs in updates. They are losing customer satisfaction due to this nonsense.
  • I have never used the emergency call on my Samsung phone but if I were to upgrade to that software I am sure I would be wedged between a boulder and a fallen tree with nothing but my phone to save me! Probably a great feature when an emergency occurs. Good of Samsung to let us know! Gavin Jones