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A Safe Bet [#acpodcast]

Galaxy S10+ Bixby
Galaxy S10+ Bixby (Image credit: Daniel Bader / Android Central)

A septet of tech journalists has joined forces to share their thoughts on Samsung's Galaxy S10 phones in this live episode from Barcelona. On the eve of Mobile World Congress, Daniel Bader, Nirave Gondhia, Derek Kessler, Alex Dobie, Hayato Huseman, Michael Fisher, and Andrew Martonik look at the pros and cons of each model. Pre-orders have already begun, but take a listen and keep your eyes open for our MWC coverage so you can pick the one that's best for you!

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  • Would have been cool to see a 10 model with no front camera. I could care less about selfies.
  • That would be a pretty darn small market for Samsung to address.
  • That's not going to happen. Too many people not only take pics of themselves, but also make video calls. Alternatively, you could opt to not use the front facing camera.
  • Anymore, I'll pay outright for a phone. Locking me into a contract is no longer preferable with options like Straight Talk, Visible, Google Fi and all of the various Carrier options etc. So Unlocked or not branded...
    Plus that leaves me open in case a particular phone comes into the market that I simply must have...
  • I bought unlocked directly from Samsung. Got $300 trade for my GS8 and 24 months of interest free financing.
  • I agree. But a full display phone would be cool.