Board the S Carpet to be among the first to experience the Samsung Galaxy S6

The S Carpet is a unique store experience Samsung will hold at various outlets around the world. The name is certainly questionable, while the opportunity to test drive the Samsung Galaxy S6 (and purchase one) before availability hits in the local region is what makes it at least worth considering.

The first S Carpet event to take flight will be located in Frankfurt, Germany later today. What's more is, as well as actually gaining the ability to purchase the new hardware, Samsung will also have staff members at hand to handle the transfer of data from old hardware to a newly purchased Galaxy S6.

As a rather strange side note, it's interesting to see the S Carpet not visiting certain markets, like the UK, or offering multiple opportunities in the US with only a single store listed. Check out the Samsung S Carpet website for more details on locations near you.

Source: Samsung

Rich Edmonds