Angry Birds

The studio showed off a demo of the Angry Birds virtual reality game at the Rock in Rio festival this weekend just passed. The company made use of Samsung's Gear VR headset, showing how the new version of Angry Birds differs from the same-old 2D experience millions of mobile gamers have enjoyed.

What's interesting about this particular Angry Birds title is how the virtual reality experience requires a change of perspective - controls would be nightmarish with the VR headset. You'll not be flinging birds at pigs from a side view, but you will instead follow said characters in 3D through what appear to be floating white rings.

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There's no word on whether or not Rovio will aim for a wide public release of this VR version, or if it's to be used for promotional purposes. The image above was shared by the IMGNATION Twitter account.

Source: Angry Birds (Twitter), IMGNATION Studios (Twitter), via: Engadget