Rogers Offering 6GB/$30-a-month Data Plan in Time for Android Launch ?

We're from the good ol' US of A so we're not especially aware of the unique aspects of each foreign carrier and how certain countries expect certain features in their phone plans. So though we're used to unlimited data for $24.99 from T-Mobile USA, a lot of our friends across the border don't enjoy the same luxury.

Luckily, our friend Rene (from the iPhone Blog) gave us the heads up that there are reports floating around that Rogers Wireless in Canada may bring back the 6GB/$30-a-month data plan that helped Rogers catapult the iPhone 3G to success. Reports have Rogers bringing back the 6GB/30 data plan for the launch of the HTC Dream and HTC Magic on June 2nd. Sounds like Rogers is really pulling all the stops for the 'revolution'.

Any Canadians excited about the 6GB/$30-a-month plan?

Casey Chan