Believe it or not, one of my favorite things to shop for on Black Friday and Cyber Monday is shoes. There's nothing like a fresh pair of kicks to make you feel better about sitting on the sofa for a week straight, and motivate you to drop that Thanksgiving thirteen by Christmas!

Thankfully, Amazon is running a huge sale on New Balance gear and apparel, including these dope dad shoes. Dad shoes have spawned a fashion craze over the past few years, inspiring comebacks from New Balance and Nike, as well as premium offerings from brands like Yeezy/Adidas and Balenciaga. To me though, nothing says that you rock that dad shoe life quite like a pair of New Balance 608s.

Lookin' cool since back in the day

New Balance Men's 608v5

New Balance Men's 608v5

A classic never dies.

New Balance has always made long-lasting, quality footwear, and this look has stood the test of time. Whether you're fashion-forward or a gym rat, the 608v5 is a comfortable, durable shoe to get you through your days in style.

$27.97 $69.95 $41.98 off

New Balance represents the ultimate dad shoe brand to me because that's what my dad wore for years and years. Regardless of how you feel about the fashion statement these shoes make, there is no getting around the fact that New Balance has earned a reputation as a manufacturer of durable, comfortable, and stylish shoes. But hey, if these kicks aren't your thing, check out all the other great gear available in this Amazon/New Balance Cyber Monday sale!

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