The Ring Alarm 10-piece wireless security kit is down to $189.99 at Costco. You have to be a member to get this deal and to even see the price. The Ring Alarm 8-piece kit goes for $240 on Amazon, and this deal is even $10 better than the 5-piece kit there.

Stay Safe

Ring Alarm 10-piece wireless security kit

A flexible system that works with iOS and Android, connects via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi, and has both battery and AC power options.

$189.99 $240.00 $50 off

Ring's 10-piece kit comes with one base station, one range extender, one keypad, one motion detector, and six contact sensors. You'll be able to use this system to get instant alerts for a variety of things including when doors or windows are left open or when the system detects motion. You can monitor it all from your iOS or Android phone or tablet. It's easy to setup, requiring no extra tools or professionals. If you already have other Ring products, they can all communicate with each other. It includes a 24-hour backup battery and 110-decibel siren. Read more about it through Android Central's review.

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