Retro Tech Watch Faces

Whether we've realized it or not, some of the tech we grew up with has turned retro simply with the passing of time. If you've been pining for your old Atari, remembering the corded phone in the kitchen, or are missing the tapping keys of a typewriter, this face might be right up your alley. Retro Tech Watch Faces for Android Wear bring those pieces of tech from yesteryear right to your wrist, and they do it artfully.

Retro Tech Watch Faces are brand new to the Google Play Store, and they're a face that you definitely shouldn't miss. The app comes with 4 fantastic faces, each one designed fantastically. The four faces are four pieces of tech you aren't likely to come across much anymore; a typewriter, old school joystick controller, corded telephone and a Polaroid camera. Don't act like you didn't own at least one of these. You know who you are.

Retro Tech Watch Face screenshot

These faces aren't overflowing with features, instead it's a what you see is what you get setup. What you get are four faces, all of which display the date, the current time, and your smartwatch's current battery life. Each face is a bit different from the last in terms of style, and that style meshes quite well with the aesthetic and colors chosen for each face.

This is another great face from artist Virginia Poltrack, and as usual you can expect a watch face that works well and looks equally amazing on your wrist. Each face also includes an ambient mode, which is a nearly seamless shift. You can still easily see all the information displayed on the watch, along with the retro tech that you've chosen to sport. There aren't any customization options to fiddle with, yet that seems to add to the retro feel that these have through and through.

Retro Tech Watch Faces in ambient mode

These watch faces remind us of the tech that we've left behind in many ways. Now you can remember, and do so with a bit of hand-drawn flair. With simple design, and colors that remind you of the questionable colors of the past, this app is definitely worth the $0.99.