Citing expensive roaming costs, Republic Wireless has announced that starting September 25th, it is reducing its off-network data roaming allotment to just 25 MB and throttling speeds while roaming. The carrier says that this will help to accommodate users who may need to roam off the network occasionally where Republic may not have data service while still maintain low pricing for everyone.

If you need to roam frequently, fret not as Republic is saying that it "will be working to offer on-demand wireless data roaming for the times when you need it. This will be an add-on option to our existing plans and will be priced at the absolute lowest cost possible."

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The carrier says that roaming is expensive as it must pay its partners and rivals up to 30 times more than the cost of having you stay within its coverage footprint, and the new policy will help it continue to offer low cost plans.

What do you think of Republic Wireless' roaming solution? Does it sound reasonable to you?

Source: Republic Wireless

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