Reminder: HTC wants to show us something tomorrow, and we'll be there blogging it live

HTC keeps trying to tease everybody about what may be in store for tomorrow's event, and you can find out just as soon as they tell the world by tuning in to the live blog tomorrow. We'll be on-site in both New York and London, giving you the play-by-play as it happens.

While the details are all still shrouded in rumor, we expect to see HTC latest Android phone in all it's glory. Whether it be called the M7 or the HTC One, we're all sure to find plenty to love or hate about the device before we ever get our hands on it. 

So be there at 10 AM Eastern tomorrow, and let's talk a little bit about phones.

Jerry Hildenbrand
Senior Editor — Google Ecosystem

Jerry is an amateur woodworker and struggling shade tree mechanic. There's nothing he can't take apart, but many things he can't reassemble. You'll find him writing and speaking his loud opinion on Android Central and occasionally on Twitter.

  • Why do the code names sound better than the actual device name?
  • Indeed! HTC Vigor sounds better than HTC Rezound.
  • They had something special with the possible internal memory at 32gb at 199 and 64gb at 299. But now with the change to 16gb with no 64gb option and no sdcard slot and removable battery Htc just will never learn.
  • add to that the fact that they just cannot figure out how to update a device ina reasonable amount of time (HTC one s jelly bean anyone?) and you have the reason they will be getting exactly zero of my $$ and why Samsung or moto will! i am done with HTC. been a fan for many years but its just too frustrating anymore.
  • I am Not a fan of HTC, and HTC needs to impress the people who are not fans of them in order to get the business they need, or they won't make it to 2014. HTC sense sucks, there updates are worse than verizon, which is saying something, and the software glitches and lag of the past does not instill confidence in buying more of their products. HTC needs to bring the wow factor in this event. I might buy an HTC device with specs similar to the DNA with a bigger battery, pure android and more memory internally or expanded with an sd slot. But would be more inclined to wait for the Motorola X phone
  • Maybe you should wait and see before you post comments like this. Where did you hear those were the options? I can tell you you've heard incorrectly and maybe should go back to thinking they had something special going... And frettfreak, how timely are the other manufacturer updates? I'm not understanding where you're coming from. HTC has seemingly faster updates to most of their devices than Samsung or Motorola, and some get updates compared to many older Sam/Moto ones that never got ICS/JB at all. If you're talking about a specific device, maybe you should consider carriers and not just put it on the manufacturer.
  • I wonder if the SGS4 will be called the Samsung Galaxy?
  • No Reason to do something like that... it would be a stupid move. Don't want to confuse customers
  • Then why would the M7 supposedly be called HTC One?
  • I read somewhere on another blog that they're expected to show off the M7 and the M4, and that since the M7 will be named One, the M4 will be named Only, and thus HTC will make the One and Only announcement at MWC 2013. Would be creatively cool if it was the case. XD
  • I agree.
  • HTC doesn't have unified brand recognition... Samsung Already does with the "Galaxy" brand. Why would they confuse consumers now? Just calling it Galaxy S4 will be fine. Ask the average person, tech or non tech to tell the difference between the iPad 3 and the iPad 4? (Apple calling it Just the "iPad).... it's confusing. HTC is still figuring themselves out with a new marketing strategy.
  • I was semi-joking but I see your point.
  • 10AM! I'll be here... Or hunting down a live stream
  • Bring it on!
  • Don't care. Used to not buy a phone if it wasn't htc but I'm not impressed with they're new phones, sense keeps changing faster than I can keep up with it. Android is not as much fun as it was 2 years ago. Carriers get 1 or 2 good phones a year and one of them is a Samsung galaxy which comes out like every 7 months lol. Updates have become exclusive, manufacturers are chasing the next big fad and nothing more. Even development has become predictable. What in saying is until the industry becomes less predictable, I'm good on htc or any other company. At least Samsung caters to they're buyers. I can say that for them. Other manufactures just do what they want lol
  • I'm nearing your pov also. Phone releases are all too common now an barely beat prior specs. I was more excited to see a release of the BlackBerry... It will push competitiveness. Need more breakthroughs.
  • Question. Where will Peter Chou be? London or New York? My Bet's on London.
  • Can't wait :)(
  • That's the thing. If Samsung buyers in mass said we wand a removable battery and sd card slot Samsung would listen. Look at the marketing campaign, built for the people and what they need daily. I'm not a htc fanboy but I used to be. Was hyped about this a year ago and all I got was the htc evo 4g LTE. A year later sprint still doesn't have 4g LTE in my city lol.
  • Why I'm still sporting the OG Evo but holy crap this thing is SLOW!
  • Its not HTC's fault that you are with a shltty carrier
  • Truth. Though LTE is overrated IMO.
  • All you got was the HTC Evo 4G LTE?! Are you kidding? Take one of the nicest phones released last year, give it a more sleek and professional look, then give it an expandable memory card slot and a bigger battery and voila, there's the EVO.
  • My smart phn is HTC sensetion XL nd its dsnt work wid linknes WiFi...
  • From the looks of it, I think you have a problem with your keyboard too.
  • Inappropriate and unhelpful comment Dr Droidberg. Perhaps English is not the person's first language. Are you proficiently multilingual?
  • I'm pretty sure it's a keyboard problem tbh. For most people it's having English as a second language, but this person seems to have decent grammar, only with letters randomly missing in words.
  • You are so right Habiib. I enjoy the Android Central articles but the immature, self justification fanboy flamer comments are of no value except to enrage when overwhelmed by their sheer volume. Occasionally I get baited into replying to their banality. Those selfishly entitled yet never satisfied disturbed souls probably purchase a lot of unsatisfactory accessories and cases to cover their thoughtfully slim phone designs and swappable batteries. Of course their insatiable library of stolen songs never listened and games never played on tethered VoIP networks never called engender a bigger void. Fortunately these abnormals don't represent the vast majority of smartphone users whose more broadly fulfilled life does not even involve Android Central nor technology editorials in general and their battery lasts all day only requiring an overnight charge.
  • Sorry, I del my original comment. However, you understood the point I was trying to make. The phone hasn't even been officially presented yet and the gripes are already starting.
  • This is close to what I wrote before: My sarcastic reponse: I think that 95% of the comments regarding the HTC One announcement will be negative. Hatred for HTC has become common and original nowadays. News of their financials are greeted with cheerful hopes of a funeral for HTC. In order for HTC to succeed, they most offer a replaceable battery. I like to be able to carry a spare around with me at all times. That will allow me to pop in a fresh battery and keep it moving. I don't care if I have to cold-boot and lose all sessions. That alone is a deal breaker for me. Even if the battery is 4200mAh, it's still a no go. I want to have an SD Card slot. I don't care if it has 128GB of storage, I still want to put my gigs of video, games, pics, and music on it. I know I won't come close to using all the space, but I want the OPTION for doing so. This phone must have stock Android, on-screen buttons, or a physical button. Everything I mentioned is what consumers want, because that's what I want. They need more features that I can show off to people too. I'm just waiting for the next big thing. Even though I know nothing about it, I promise it will be the best phone of 2013 PERIOD!! It will win all the comparison test and have flawless reviews. My silly fanboy view: I can almost guarantee that it will be an Fast-swap Battery + SD Card or BUST, festival. Anything short of that and you're trying to be like Apple. Try and produce a nicely designed and assembled product (which was almost non-existent in the past) and you're trying to be like Apple. Announcements and reviews of HTC products is an utter waste of time. No matter what they do, it is in vain. Look at the comments section for HTC related post. They are littered with talk of Removable Battery and SD Card fantasies. It's a shame that this is what Android has been reduced to. No matter what technology HTC (and other OEMs) brings to the market, their efforts are in vain. In spite of my ridiculous view, I will humor myself by tuning-in and seeing how accurate my (above) predictions are.
  • Oh GOD I hope its a pony! HTC needs to get its crap together an have a brand name, this whole ONE this Driod that crap tends to be confusing. A Samsung Galaxy S3 is a Samsung Galaxy S3 on all US carriers, same with the *sigh*....Iphone.
  • rumor is that the M7 smartphone will NOT have removable battery, which is a deal-
    breaker for me, regardless of how awesome other specs may or may not be. :(
  • Have you ever actually used a device that had a non-removable battery?
    I used to think it was a deal breaker as well, now that I've been using one for a month, I could give two snits.
  • You will care about 8 months in when battery life is noticeably worse and you start wishing you could buy a back up to easily interchange with.
  • Uninformed "Guy" All non swappable batteries are replaceable. There are no non-removable batteries in smartphones. Again another case of unsubstantiated blithering gibberish nonsense stated with such authority. People like these obviously haven't the acuity to read and learn.
  • The answer is simple, call your carrier say the phone isnt working properly and you want a replacement, they send you out a new phone, no more battery issue.
  • Here's a bit a rumour mongering....the countdown clock on htc's website is exactly in sync with the countdown clock on the Ubuntu website. Canonical's tagline is "tick, tock, tablet time!". Maybe....just maybe....HTC are the secret OEM Canonical hinted at with the Ubuntu phone. (Cheers to a poster on a Ubuntu news site for that one!)