Reminder: Enter to win an Acer Iconia A100 from Nvidia and Android Central [contest]

The Acer Iconia A100 is the first 7-inch Honeycomb tablet, and it's filled with the same Tegra goodness as it's big brother.  And you can win one in our Tegra Madness giveaway right in the Android Central forums.  There are quite a few of us who love the idea of a full fledged Honeycomb tablet in this size range, perfectly portable and just right for reading.  Being able to play those cool Tegra 2 games is a nice perk as well.

Winning one is easy, just hit the forums and drop a note in the contest thread, and you're entered.  We'll pick the winner at random, and announce them all in one big blog post next Sunday (Sep. 18).  Good luck to all, and be sure to enter all week!

Win an Acer Iconia A100

Jerry Hildenbrand
Senior Editor — Google Ecosystem

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  • Me First!!!!!!!!
    I want this TABLET!!!!!!!!!!!! I WIN!!!!!!!!!
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  • This would be awesome. Please make this my first tablet!
  • I win awesome thank you so much
  • Just the right size for a Honeycomb tablet! Go Acer Iconia 7!
  • Me, Me!! I'm still here and still wanna win!
  • Me please.
  • i need a tablet!
  • Do want! I love my Iconia A500 but I would love to have a second one to do some virtual ding with.
  • I would love one!
  • Acer is my life. Android is my dream. That why i needed it =)
  • Hook me up!!!!
  • I am the winner!!, ok, not yet but I will :)
  • Thanks for the opportunity. This would be a great device to use.
  • Me please
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  • It would be great to have one of those!! What a great little tablet!
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  • I want in on this awesomeness
  • This would make a perfect Birthday gift for my 7 year old daughter on Sept 25th. Thank you in advance
  • This would be great to give to my wife on her birthday this weekend!
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  • Count me in. I could use a new toy.
  • Pick me please
  • I wanna win.
  • Sure, why not. Who wouldn't love a 7 inch tab, except maybe Steve Jobs.
  • I have entered several auctions on eBay for different Android tablets to no avail. I would love to win this Acer! Help me out here Androidcentral!
  • if i would win.. i would ......
  • You all need to actually read the article. This is not the place to register to win. You need to do it in the forums in the thread referenced by this article.
  • i already missed out on the hp touchpad mania so please help make my tablet dreams come true AC!
  • Show me the tablet
  • Show me the tablet
  • It would be great if I won this.
  • 35th person to post a comment
  • 7 inch is the way to go
  • I would love it and hug it and squeeze it and cuddle it.
  • It would be awesome to win this, and thanks for giving one away.
  • I am a very big fan of acer tablets and laptops. I have a acer laptop and it is great as compared to others. If it would run on android it would be even great. And a tegra 2 processor is what i want. So its not a bad choice for
  • I think
    I Know the winner Should be
    I mean must the the one and one Me Thanks android central
    i want to thank GOD, my Mom my dad for always been there for me, my Wife who always supports me last but not least my son for always waking me up in the middle of the night . what is this salty water going forth from my eyes? why is my voice suddenly is trembling? i think this is a first i think I'm Crying thanks again Android central. PS: I better win.
  • I would love to win. Please pick me, I really could use some new toys.
  • Do you guys realize that you aren't entering by posting here? You have to go to the contest thread. Click the link in the article and it will take you there. Post there and that's how you enter.
  • Sure would be a lot nicer typing on a bigger screen then my original motorola droid no laptop :(
  • i wasted $200 on an android tablet, lasted a month, and this would be really nice to have this android tablet, and I've never really won anything in any contests....and I'm having a pretty hard time saving up for an android tablet....any money i get ends up going to something else, and i have just about nothing to spend on stuff for myself.
  • I want it! Now!!!
  • Pick me!!! Pick me!!! Been waiting for the 7" Honeycomb experience
  • yo hi people. I love android and also tegra 2 processors(above 1 ghz). I like Android honeycomb the most because its optimised for tablets... i have a simple phone which doesnt have android or anything so i despretely need one. Hope android central considers my needs and i get a tablet... LOL... please man i need it!!!
  • o boy! This a different thread? Only 47 posts?. Hmm. Well, I hope so. Maybe I guys can put the time to post by for each day. I'm cornfused.
  • Wow, my first post and I am going to win
  • Ever Since i got my Android 4G Thunderbolt and joined the Android Family, this would a Dream come true to have a chance like this to have a wonderful tablet with the best Android on it
  • fuck the lottery, i want to win this tab! oh and btw this site is awesome. keep up the good work guys
  • Thank you for this beautiful tablet . I will enjoy it cause my little 5 years old daughter dakota hijacked my tablet . She does not make me play with it .
  • I definitely need this. My laptop JUST died.
  • Dagnabit tried to enter at 12:03AM.
  • This is a disappointment: The contest thread is already closed. :-( Only 9:30 pacific and I don't even get a chance........ boo hoo! :-)
  • When did it close?
  • would love to have an android tablet like this. pick me please
  • sunday is the 18th this year :)
  • It would be an awesome to win one of these.
  • Please this is my only chance to enjoy a tegra device.
  • Man, it would sure make my day to win one of these puppies! I need a real tablet to replace my Nook Color. If you pick me, I'll dance a jig!
  • Still in the look out!!!
  • i'll take that tablet off of your hands.. you dont need it.. plus today is my birthday.. you can be a little nice!
  • Gimme one now!
  • I can't believe it. I am going to get this tablet. Thanks and make sure you send it to me! :-))
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    Twinkle twinkle my table, how I hope that you are mine.
  • This appears to be a very nice tablet.
  • Would be awesome!
  • generic post for tablet win .________.
  • That would be great if I won. Looking forward to winning
  • WTH? The thread is closed???? Why would you even have this on the main page if you can't enter???
  • Yep, I need a new one, and this one will do fine...fine indeed! Update: I think this forum was the wrong one to post in, very confusing, but the contest thread is closed for comments.
  • I could use a tablet this size!
  • Did I win?
  • This would make unemployment so much easier to deal with! I love this opportunity-T
  • That tablet looks really nice,but it would look a lot better in my hands.
    I would love to have it cuz my dinc is not cutting it anymore.I also have yet to see first hand what honeycomb looks like.So if you awesome people at ANDROID CENTRAL can please consider me to have that tablet.
  • Help a North Carolinian out Phil. I NEED THIS!!!!!!! Thanks buddy.
  • Another awesome contest with no skill needed! I have wanted a tablet, but cannot justify the price when I could get a full function laptop for the same amount. Winning one would fit my budget perfectly.
  • Just what i've been looking for!
  • Please pick me. Thanks.
  • Yes please. Thanks.
  • It shall be mine !
  • This would make my wife's life at home with twin 2 year olds so much easier! Please Help Android Central!!
  • Perfect for someone on disability leave.
  • THE THREAD IS CLOSED! How am I supposed to enter??? You just posted this but the contest is over???!!!???? WTF!
  • I saw the same thing. The thread was closed so we are not able to enter there. Can we use these comments as entries as well?
  • I call dibbs on the Tablet!!! :P Please? :)
  • This would be nice!
  • Folks, you really should read the whole article. First you must post in the forums to have a chance of winning, not here (but I'm sure they like the posts). Also, the contests run from midnight to midnight. This particular contest was closed at midnight. Another contest is running now. Check out the forums my Android brothers and sisters.
  • Pick Me! Pick me!
  • Sign me up!!
  • I need this!
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  • Throwing my hat in! I'd love some legitimate tablet action!
  • I want a tablet sooooo bad.
  • I'd really like to get my hands on this!
  • yesssss pleassssse...Thank you Android Central!
  • Can't remember if I already commented. Please excuse me if I did.
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  • Count me in!!
  • Who wouldn't want this tablet? Count me in!
  • I missed out on a touchpad, this win would be great.
  • Oh PICK ME! Oh wait, nm, supposed to type this in the "FORUMS." Just a slight correction for Mr. Hildenbrand, September 19th is next Monday, not Sunday. I only catch this cuz my bday is the 19th and its the absolute worst party day of the week! Good Luck To All Who Enter!
  • The threat appears as closed :(
  • I want a tablet.. please.. i want to win..
  • I would love to win the tablet! I need a replacement for the Galaxy tab I lost.
  • OMG I've been waiting for a 7in tablet that runs on honeycomb ever since the Motorola Xoom was released. And the possibility of an over the air Ice cream update later is just awesome.
  • Me please
  • It would really nice of you to please my hunger for Android based tablets with this little fellow.
  • Nice!!!!
  • Acer's tablets look great. This one seems to be no exception. Super-interested in that 7-inch size as well. Good luck everybody!
  • 7" tablets rock, getting one that runs honeycomb would be most awesome.
  • Please pick me...budget is tight so can't justify dishing out cash for a tablet to the wife...she can't be bad if its free lol..
  • Oh I need a tablet....
  • Yes please!
  • my fingers and toes are crossed. Hope I win!!!!
  • Acer makes the best products and it would be my pleasure to accept this gift from you.....thank you....what....I said thank you
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  • Awesome, I want that tablet!
  • PLEEEEEASE pick me