Razer launches Android apps for its still unreleased Nabu smartband

The long awaited Razer Nabu smartband recently passed inspection by the FCC and now Nabu mobile apps made for Android, iOS and Windows Phone have all been published ahead of the device's official launch.

One of the two apps is Nabu Fitness, which records a few user stats while wearing the band such as how many steps a person takes, the amount of distance they travel, how many calories they burn and more. The second app is Nabu Utility, which lets owners set up their device, along with configuring their notification settings and more.

The presence of these apps suggests strongly that Razer is just about to start selling the Nabu. Indeed, the company has just launched a dedicated website for the smartband so an official announcement for the device is likely to be very close. Will you be picking up this device?

Source: Razer Nabu

John Callaham