Quick Charge 4+ is the next fast charging spec for your smartphone

Who doesn't love fast charging? It's certainly become a necessary requirement when buying a smartphone, at least in the Android world. But part of that is because Qualcomm has been pushing the specification in every new smartphone debut for years. Can you blame them? Once you go fast charging, you never go back.

This time, we're hearing about Qualcomm's Quick Charge 4+, the evolutionary successor to last year's Quick Charge 4. This one is referred to as plus, however, because of its additional enhancements:

Dual Charge: Already an option in earlier versions, but now more powerful, Dual Charge includes a second power management IC in the device. Charging a device via Dual Charge divides the charge current, allowing for lower thermal dissipation and reduced charge timeIntelligent Thermal Balancing: A further enhancement to Dual Charge, intelligent thermal balancing is engineered to move current via the coolest path autonomously, eliminating hot spots for optimized power deliveryAdvanced Safety Features: Quick Charge 4 already includes rigorous built-in safety protocols. Quick Charge 4+ goes one step further and is designed to monitor both the case and connector temperature levels simultaneously. This extra layer of protection helps ward against overheating and short-circuit or damage to the Type-C connector.

A little infographic from Qualcomm.

A little infographic from Qualcomm.

Qualcomm adds the claim that devices utilizing Quick Charge 4+ will charge up to 15% faster than their predecessors and at 30% more efficiently. Charging will also be cooler, which could bode well for those of you in the hottest climates wielding scorching hot phones. Ouch.

Anyway, there aren't many devices using Qualcomm's Quick Charge 4+. At present, only the newly-announced Nubia Z17 is compatible, and that's arriving in July.

Florence Ion

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