Pro Drybag 2.0 Is Built To Protect Your Gear In Extreme Conditions

Mobile technology has gotten better and better over the years, so when you set out on an adventure into the great wide wilderness, you'll want to take your favorite tech along with you. So what makes a great gear bag? It's got to be well-designed and customizable to keep your gear organized and secure, and it's got to be rugged and durable enough to withstand anything life throws at you.

The folks at Subtech Sports have a great solution with their latest Pro Drybag 2.0 series of bags. After a successful campaign launching the original Pro Drybag, they're back with improved models that are an ideal bag choice for extreme athletes, extreme tech geeks, and everyone in between. There are actually three bags released here — a commuter-sized tote bag, a medium-sized bag that includes a shockproof inflatable system, and a full-sized bag with a fully adjustable internal pack system. All bags are built to be waterproof with an air-tight zipper designed to keep your valuables dry and safe.

Thanks to their previous Kickstarter product, Subtech has received real-life feedback from athletes and adventurers around the world who have taken these bags to all corners of the earth. Just like its predecessor, the Pro Drybag 2.0 has already crushed its Kickstarter goal, but there's still time to score your own for a great discounted price. You can snag the tote bag model with a pledge of $49 (over 50% off), or opt for the floating carry-on bag or the larger Pro Drybag with a pledge of $199. It's worth noting that Subtech is based out of Sweden, and the prices are listed in Swedish currency, and will presumably be shipping from Sweden — and shipping costs are not included in the pledge price.

This is the third Kickstarter campaign for the team behind the Pro Drybag, so you'll be buying a product that's been refined over years. The bags are set to start shipping in June 2018 — perfect timing for any summer adventures you may be planning — and there's still three weeks remaining to get in on this deal. Whether you're a thrill-seeking adventurer, or simply a frequent traveler that wants peace of mind when you pack up all your valuable gear, you'll need to look into the Pro Drybag 2.0 Series.

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Marc Lagace

Marc Lagace was an Apps and Games Editor at Android Central between 2016 and 2020. You can reach out to him on Twitter [@spacelagace.