Prime Day is the perfect time to buy for the kids

Pinwheel phone and kids smartwatches
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It's that time of the year when online shopping giant Amazon offers discounts on thousands of products — Prime Day. For parents, we use this as a time to find sales on gifts for our children, including tech. 

Whether it is clothing or gadgets, there will likely be a price drop. With so many Prime Day kid's gizmos on sale, it can be tough to figure out what you buy and what is worth your hard-earned money. Not to worry — we've got you.

Tablets galore

Amazon Fire HD 10 Kids Pro, HD 8 Kids, & 7 Kids

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As with years in the past, Amazon will have many of its own products getting some of the best discounts. This means devices that are designed for kids, too. One of the easiest things to recommend for kids during Prime Day is the excellent Amazon Fire Kids tablets. Not only are these tablets likely to see some serious discounts, but you'll also be getting something for your child that will be fun and, more importantly, safe for them to enjoy. 

A big reason why Amazon Kids Fire tablets are so great is because of the software. Well, that and the two-year worry-free warranty, the included kid-friendly case, and the excellent price. But it's the Amazon Kids+ software that sets these tablets apart from other brands.

Amazon Fire Kids tablets

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Amazon has a total of six different kid's tablet options to pick from. With this many choices, it can be difficult to decipher what option is best for your child, but we've got a handy guide to help you with that. 

In short, consider picking up one of the Kids Pro tablets for the older kids in your life — like the Amazon Fire HD 10 Kids Pro. For younger children, the Fire 7 Kids may be the better option. Right in the middle is the Fire HD 8 Kids, which can check many boxes for kids and parents. Don't pass up the Amazon Kindle Paperwhite Kids for the young reader in your life as well.

But, Amazon isn't the only brand with great Android tablets for kids. Thanks to software like Google Family Link and the Kids Space, options like the Lenovo Smart Tab M10 HD or the Samsung Galaxy Tab A7 Lite are solid choices too. However, even with the kid-specific software options that these tablets support, they don't match up to Amazon Kids+.

It's all about communication

Pinwheel Kids Smartphone

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Another item commonly found on kids' wishlists is smartphones. Sure, you could buy any phone and give it to a kid, but that may not be the safest route. To get both a safe and fun experience, you'll want to be sure to do a couple of things. First, check for deals on the best kids smartphones. Second, ensure you have set up a Google Family Link account for your child.

Right off the bat, the Google Pixel 4a is a great choice to consider. The phone isn't the newest device around, but it is still getting great software support from Google. The smaller size makes it easier for kids to hold and use. It has excellent cameras and gets solid battery life. With the Pixel 6a around the corner, the 4a will likely see some good deals.

TickTalk 4

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Outside of the usual suspects like Google and Samsung, smaller companies are doing a great job of offering devices for kids. Phones like the Gabb Phone and the Pinwheel bring class-leading parental controls and a unique experience that isn't found on a regular smartphone. However, the downside is that these phones aren't available on Amazon. But, if you have a child between nine and 14, then one of these options will have better safety options than the others.

If you have an even younger kid, you might want to look at deals on some of the best smartwatches for kids. These aren't toys. If you are looking for something a bit more basic, then perhaps the Gabb Watch is something to check out. Again, this isn't an option on Amazon, but the watch is no less great. 

For a kid that wants a bit more from their watch than just making calls and sending messages, then the TickTalk 4 is the one. It has two cameras, streams free iHeartRadio Family, video calls, and so much more. Both watches offer great parental controls to keep your kids safe.

For the children

BuddyPhones kids Headphones

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There are lots of fun things for kids that are bound to be on sale during Prime Day. Things like excellent kids headphones, such as the fantastic BuddyPhones. These headphones from ONANOFF bring everything from active noise canceling to Bluetooth, and even the ability to share audio with a friend. But most importantly, they have max volume limiting to keep kids' ears safe. Go even further with open earphones like the imoo Ear-care kids headset. They are also volume-limiting and keep your kids ears open, so they can hear what's happening around them.

While tech is one of those things kids love, and so do the grown-ups, don't forget stuff that doesn't take batteries or have a screen. Boring stuff like books, clothes, sports equipment, and more may not be the most exciting gifts, but they likely will be the things that bring the most long-term joy. It's all about balance, right?

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