Not to brag or anything, but I made the best paper airplanes as a kid. I had an awesome folding system that gave my airplanes a very sleek design. The strength of my plane was in its accuracy. It didn't catch the wind well, but it could hit the exact spot I aimed for. Of course, none of my paper airplanes ever had a Bluetooth controller attached to them. Build yourself the ultimate Bluetooth paper airplane and control it from your smartphone with the PowerUp 3.0 conversion kit on sale for $43.99 with code 12POWERUP on Amazon. That's $6 off its regular price and one of the best deals we've seen.

Flyin' High

PowerUp 3.0 Original smartphone-controlled paper airplanes conversion kit

Unite your childhood love of paper airplanes with your grown up love of tech. Equip your paper plane with Bluetooth. Fly it up to 180 feet. Control it through an app. You can even tilt your device to tilt the plane.

$43.99 $50.00 $6 off

With coupon: 12POWERUP

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Think of this like a paper airplane drone. You'll get four sheets of special template paper and the instructions on how to fold them. It also comes with a Bluetooth smart module, a crossbar, and a spare rudder and propeller. Once the whole thing is put together, you'll be able to use your phone to control and fly the plane, which is a lot better than depending on the air. The app is accessible from both iOS and Android.

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The plane has a 180 foot range, too, so you can fly it a lot farther than you've ever flown a paper airplane before. It is very simple to control, too. You can just tilt the mobile device you're using to tilt the plane and maneuver. The throttle lever on the app can be used to ascend and descend. Plus, you'll be able to view plenty of things like the battery level, charging status, range indicators, and an air traffic control attribute. You can even give the plane a little boost using Nitro and download other folding templates. Some new features include gesture controls and game-pad controls.

The PowerUp 3.0 comes with a limited one-year warranty.

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