Population: One gets festive with the 12 Days of Chaos event

Population One Winter Hero
Population One Winter Hero (Image credit: BigBox VR)

What you need to know

  • The 12 Days of Chaos event begins on December 3 and lasts through December 14, 2020.
  • Players can earn special loot and rewards by participating in this Winter Wonderland event.
  • Population: One supports cross-platform play between all available versions and VR headsets.

You may have heard of the 12 Days of Christmas, but how about the 12 Days of Chaos? If you're a Population: One player, you're about to get a lot more familiar with the latter, as the 12-day event begins December 3 and continues until December 14, 2020. During this chaotic Winter event, the Population: One world will be transformed from a Fall haven into a winter wonderland complete with snowmen and frosty hills.

During the 12 Days of Chaos, players will have the chance to collect 100 snowflakes around the map and earn special in-game rewards as a result. Squadding up with friends will grant extra points so that rewards can be earned faster and, in total, the 12 Days of Chaos event will almost double the number of rewards possible when compared to previous events in the game. Look specifically for new skins like the Aurora and Zero skins pictured below.

Population: One players can battle each other no matter which VR platform they choose to game on. That means if you own the Oculus Quest version of the game but weren't able to play against your friends using a Valve Index, your time has come to challenge them to find out who is the most ruthless player in this VR-exclusive battle royale title.

Developer BigBox VR says that the map will continue to evolve throughout December, so be sure to check back sometime around December 14 to find out what's going to be happening next. Population: One is a unique battle royale shooter that's only possible in VR thanks to its unique vertical movement system. Players can fly anywhere with their jetpacks, climb any obstacle, and have battles in the air, on the ground, or even while hanging from the side of a building.

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