Poll: What brand is your current Android smartphone?

OnePlus 9 Pro vs. Galaxy S21 Ultra cameras
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There's no question that Android is a very versatile operating system. That's because there are plenty of Android OEMs building phones for various regions, price points, and purposes. That's one of the reasons to love Android; it gives us a choice. Now, we at Android Central want to know what you chose as your current driver. Let us know in our poll: Which OEM built your phone?

As you may know, there are plenty more Android OEMs building smartphones. However, Samsung has managed to pretty much own the market, particularly in the West. However, Chinese smartphone OEMs such as Xiaomi, OPPO, and Vivo have not been resting on their laurels and have churned out some of the best Android phones you can (or can't) buy.

OnePlus (now by way of OPPO) and Google have been making strides with their latest smartphones. In fact, Google boasted about achieving record Pixel smartphone sales in its recent quarterly earnings. Meanwhile, Motorola has gone for more of a quantity over quality approach, churning out plenty of budget Android phones and making it easy to get your hands on one.

You'll notice we've included LG. After all, it's only been less than a year since the company bowed out of the smartphone industry, and there are still plenty of LG fans out there holding onto phones like the LG V60. The company is, after all, still supporting its more recent phones with OS upgrades, like the LG Velvet, which is currently being updated to Android 12.

Still, there are plenty of other Android OEMs out there making some pretty great phones. If your smartphone's OEM isn't listed, leave a comment on our Facebook and Twitter accounts to let us who you're using and why.

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