Poll: Are you sticking with Amazon Prime after the price hike?

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On Thursday, Amazon caused quite a stir when it announced its plans to raise the price of its Prime membership. As part of Amazon's Q4 2021 earnings report, it said the yearly cost of Amazon Prime was increasing by $20 to $139 per year. The monthly fee goes up by $2 to $14.99, or $180 for 12 months. It's important to note that the company reported revenue of more than $137 billion in Q4 2021 alone.

So is the price increase enough for you to ditch Amazon?

Amazon attributes the price increase to rising costs fueled by inflation, not to mention raising its average employee wage to $18 per hour to combat its labor troubles. Amazon CFO Andy Jassy also stated that the company hasn't increased its subscription price since 2018.

Notably, this price increase comes ahead of the upcoming The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power TV series that will begin streaming on Prime Video in September. The company is reportedly pumping as much as $1 billion into the show, which will be available for Prime Video subscribers. The company could entice fans to keep their subscriptions just from the show's marketing alone or even convince others to finally subscribe.

Of course, there are plenty of other benefits to the Amazon Prime subscription, such as shipping perks, exclusive deals, and discounts to other Amazon services like Prime Music Unlimited, which is one of the best music streaming services thanks to its high-quality audio. The question is whether or not you think Amazon should charge consumers more despite making nearly $500 billion in 2021.

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  • I cancelled it last night because it just isnt cost effective at this time. I will probably reinstate it around Prime day at least for a bit. I really dont realize any benifit from Prime Video because so many of the good programs cost extra anyway.
  • In my case it's worth it. Their shipping and logistics systems have greatly improved in the last year since they rely mainly on their own drivers. I live in the country and am disabled making driving difficult. In prior years I had numerous problems when they used other carriers. Now I rarely have a problem. And I do watch Prime Video occasionally too.
  • Still up in the air on this one. We order a lot through Amazon and the included free 1-2 day shipping is definitely a big perk. But...we don't use Amazon music and don't watch much on Prime. We'll have to compare non Prime shipping options to see if it's worth it.
  • At $11.50 per month or $5.75 each for streaming service and free shipping, it's a good deal.
  • I will as my renewal isn't until December! whoo.
    However, if it renews higher than that, say over $150, the we will reevaluate. We do order alot of Amazon, though less than 2-3 yrs ago, but still.
  • In Rotterdam (Netherlands, not NY!) they have to take down a bridge so that this rich fock Bezos can enter the harbor with his Super Yacht. On the other hand we are supposed to flip the bill to offset the few bucks pay increase his workforce received and to cover the increase in shipping costs all the while making record profits. Amazon really thinks us as stupid as most of us really are and that we take this without thinking, As a bonus they dangle the LOR prime video crap before our faces! Well, not anymore! I began diversifying my shopping places. I canceled Prime a few months ago when 2 day shipping became 2 day handling + shipping and I never received my items under 5 days! I still buy at Amazon but plan ahead and order over $25, so no shipping costs occur. But if I can get stuff somewhere else I will go there.
    Used to buy music too but get that now at places where artists get a fair share.
    I know, me doing this makes hardly a dent but maybe more people start realizing that if we keep feeding that monster, it will be the only monster left in a few years. And wait what happens then!
  • At this moment we are paying €2.99 in the Netherlands for Prime.
    If they are increasing the price with €10 a month i will definitely cancel my subscription
  • About the same as Netflix and others have done and we haven't cancelled them, yet!! So yes, we are keeping Prime, for now.
  • I would cancel it myself but the wife won't let me ☹️
    Same goes for Netflix
  • There is a difference between revenue and profit. Amazon did not make $500 billion, that was the revenue, the money collected from customers. The profit was significantly less. Still a large number to be sure, but not $500 billion.
  • Amazon prime shipping is no better than non-prime with a purchase of over 35 bucks. I'm thinking of dropping then once or twice a year joining for a month to catch up on videos. Their two day shipping went away years ago and they are still using the virus excuse.
  • Start supporting your local business.
  • Definitely keeping since Prime next day delivery is a nice perk and sometimes essential because of work reasons. The free Prime reading books every month for the kids is super nice, although the free Prime adult ones I never bother with. I get some use out of Prine Video as well.
  • Using the school rate plan so it's still worth it.
  • In my case, I order a few of things a year, I don't need stinky Prime, I don't care to wait a week or 2 to get my free shipping items.
  • If it was not for my family, we split the cost 3 ways I would be cancelling. No, it is not worth the 139.99 a year.
  • Here's how I see it. Jeff Bezos has it really tough. Richest person on the planet. Just bought a new yacht for almost a half-billion dollars, and needs to dismantle a bridge in Denmark to get it out to sea... he has it rough. So, knowing that TOO MUCH IS NEVER ENOUGH, he should raise his PRIME prices and bring more cash in. Soon enough, his half billions dollar yacht will need a twin, and then even another one, and perhaps another, because rich people need multiple yachts in multiple cities. Living with only one half-billion dollar yacht, is, well, just unacceptable. More money for Jeff!!
  • Lol and I'll bet that yacht has enough weaponry on board to take on a Destroyer.