Poll: Are you tuning into the 2020 Tokyo Olympics?

Olympics (Image credit: Android Central)

After the Tokyo Olympics were postponed last year due to the pandemic, things are back on. The time has come when the people you didn't know were into sports suddenly spring into action and start cheering on their countries in various sports events. There's been some drama in the lead-up to the big event, but the opening ceremony went off without a hitch, and the 2020 Tokyo Olympics are now underway. So, naturally, we want to know if you're tuning in to watch!

There are a few ways you can go about watching the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. Most notably, the event is hosted by NBC, meaning your best way to catch the games is with the NBC Peacock app. Chromecast with Google TV owners can find this and other apps broadcasting the Olympics on the For You tab.

YouTube TV subscribers can easily tune into NBCUniversal's live coverage of the games. You can even catch the even in glorious 4K thanks to the new YouTube TV 4K add-on.

Those who don't stream can also check out some of the best HDTV antennas to catch the broadcast live on your local NBC affiliate.

Google also highlights its Play Store collection for the 2020 Olympics, with apps "to stream the events and learn about athletes, plus games to hone your own sporting skills."

If you have some downtime, you can try your hand at the Olympic-themed version of the Google Chrome dinosaur game. And those of you that may not have time to catch your favorite sporting event, you can always use Google Assistant to get highlights or fun facts about the Olympic games.

The 2020 Tokyo Olympics is currently airing and goes on until Sunday, August 8, 2021. Who are you rooting for?

Derrek Lee
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  • I couldn't care less about any kind of sports.
    But I'll root AGAINST any pathetic entitled athlete that does some dumb sh*t like kneeling or disrespecting in any way his/her national anthem and flag, no matter which country they are there representing. In fact, doing that should give them an immediate disqualification and a ticket back home.
  • I'll catch some events, more when the athletics start. I hope ALL athletes are respecful and take the knee to show they are proud of their countries and against rascist fools. Black Lives Matter.
  • Yep. Watched team handball and table tennis this morning. I like the different sports.
  • Absolutely I'll be watching the Olympic coverage. I have not but respect for an athlete who chooses to take a stand against racism.
  • Oy vey... They need to stfu and do their little sport
  • Nothing against the athletes (well only some of them). But absolutely not. Couldn't care less. The Olympics have turned into the biggest global ponzy scheme around. Whatever the Games stood for has long since ended. Instead the Olympic Games have become a money pit for the hosting country/region/city. It is a free for all of corruption, graft, greed and outright theft of taxpayer's money by all kinds of societal parasites like developers, real estate agents, private contractors, politicians, corporations and worst of all the IOC, the biggest crooks around! Events such as these are always sold with promises of large infrastructure spending, public transit projects, social housing etc. These promises remain just that... promises...far from ever seeing the light of day. Just think, for example the city of Montreal finished paying off its 1976 Olympic Games debts around 2006. It took them thirty years. Or just ask the people of Rio De Janeiro if they still think that the 2016 Olympics were worth it...all that prestige, "being out on the map", tourist dollars etc., is just an illusion. The same goes for other high profile international events such as the FIFA World Cup, the PanAm games, the UEFA Euro Cup etc. Actually quite a lot of the IOC, FIFA and UEFA members should be in jail right about now...
  • What's the best VPN service to use for streaming the 2020 Olympics in 2021?
  • The Time Tunnel. Open port 2020 and you'll see it all.