You can now download the leaked Pixel 4 live wallpapers

What you need to know

  • Your phone must be an ARM 64 device running Android 7 or higher.
  • Only working on Snapdragon processors.
  • The wallpapers do have some bugs in them but mostly work well.

We are a little over two weeks from finally getting to see the Pixel 4 in an official capacity, but that's not stopping the leaks from rolling out. As with previous Pixel devices, Google is readying a new batch of live wallpapers for the phones. An XDA developer, Pranav Pandey managed to port the unleased phone's backgrounds to the public (via Android Police).

There are some caveats to using these new wallpapers, though. First, your device must be running a Snapdragon processor with ARM 64 architecture and secondly, you have to be running Android 7 or higher. This automatically cuts out Samsung devices running Exynos chips and Huawei phones on their Kirin platform.

So if your phone happens to fit into the two requirements, you will be able to get these up and running — yet again with some caveats. Unfortunately, to be able to get these to work, the developer had to disable Ambient Display on Android 10 to make the app compatible on some older phones, though he is considering making a separate APK that would enable Ambient Display and let those with Android 10 utilize the feature.

Doodle (left) Compass (right)

It seems that even with those limitations that the wallpapers do mostly work. Some of the wallpapers don't recognize the systemwide dark mode, so the wallpapers don't update the backdrop colors accordingly. There is a Doodles wallpaper that lets you set up different themes and make your own doodles which means you can create an unlimited number of variations. The Compass theme is a wallpaper that keeps a needle that will do as a compass does — always point north. As with all live papers, be aware that they do put a hit on the battery life when using them.

If you want to try these out on your device check out the Pixel Wallpapers 19, as well as the developer's post that details the full list of features and supported devices.

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