Google Pixel 2 XL shown in black and white, pricing rumored at $849

We're just a couple weeks away from Google's October 4 Pixel event, so we're in the crunch time for major leaks. Look what we have here: the folks over at Droid-life have renders of the new Pixel 2 XL in both black and white. Yes the name is apparently "Pixel 2 XL" with the 2 before the XL, which is something that has been a bit of a toss-up before now.

What we see looks a whole lot like early leaks, with the glass "visor" on the back that's much smaller than last year and no longer containing the rear-mounted fingerprint sensor. A larger, single camera lens is further down from the top edge, but the rest of the back look like a dead ringer for the current Pixel XL — lots of flat, lightly textured metal. There is what looks like a power button sitting above volume keys on the side. There's obviously a white version as well, which retains the black underneath the back glass, which should get some people excited.

The leak also offers up a purported starting price of $849, which will coincide with 64GB of internal storage. A bump to $949 gets you 128GB. That starting price is an $80 jump over the Pixel XL's starting price in 2016, and unsurprisingly more in line with the super-top-end phones of the year. Let's hope the smaller Pixel 2 has a more attainable price to counterbalance it.

Andrew was an Executive Editor, U.S. at Android Central between 2012 and 2020.

  • Dipped in chocolate?
  • LG Chocolate.... Not something LG wants to be reminded of.... LOL!
  • I remember those chocolate phones lol.
  • jfs101 - Dang it, you stole my comment! Lolz
  • All right this price sh*t is getting ridiculous. You can't even expand mem. Smdh!!!
  • Agreed. But as it has been said before many times, we as consumers ultimately set the price. The manufacturers test the grounds, and if we collectively ignored this device and the initial sales reflected this, I'm positive the price would come down considerably and quickly. But alas, we won't do that because collectively we need the latest and greatest and we need it now... and they know that. So, get ready for prices to keep going up up up because people just can't seem to take a stand on this issue. They need it now... gotta have it! It's only going to get worst from here.
  • I'm not sure that's how it works. Consumers adjust to inflation, not the other way around. If people want something, they'll pay for it. That's the way its always worked. Samsung and Apple are poised to break records this year, even at extremely high price points. People complain, and then they open their wallets even faster.
  • That's exactly what I said. People want it, they gotta have it, and these companies know that that's how it's always been. If we as consumers change our ways and stop accepting these high prices and stop buying the products at these ridiculously inflated price points, we will eventually be heard, and the prices will eventually come down. Samsung, Apple etc. wouldn't have a choice if they want to continue making money on these products. But that won't happen, so I see the prices continuing to rise in the future. Sky's the limit for the prices these companies set for their products if we as consumers continue to blindly dish over our hard earned cash for said products. I thought this was clear in my initial comment. Maybe not...
  • Lamborgini sells $100,000 cars but I don’t see average consumers opening their wallets for them. They’re just for the rich elite. Luckily these expensive phones won’t take away the huge midrange market.
  • Lambos are not for the average driver. You want an average phone? They just announced the Moto X4 will be out as an Adroid One set all across the US and get the same security / software update treatment as Pixel phones. When my Nexus 6 finally dies, I'll be hard pressed to spend near 1k on a new phone, I got my Nexus 6 about a year after it came out for $400 and I don't want to spend much more than that. That being said considering how much I use the damned thing, it's not that unreasonable to spend 1k on it. The Oneplus 5 is looking awfully attractive at its price point. Good news is that I don't have to make this decision right away. I'm hoping they corrected the major gripes I had with the original pixels which were no OIS and waterproofing. Can't wait for the actual reviews.
  • I don’t think you’re going to see any records broken this year. Sales will be down for Apple quarter over quarter, with almost 100% certainty. Samsung may see a bit of a bump, but in the grand scheme of things that will be a temporary blip.
  • Speak for yourself. I bought a year old Moto Z for $350 (back in July) and couldn't be happier.
  • I'm not speaking for myself. Millions of consumers have already done the talking.
  • I'm still using a MOTO X Pure 32G unlocked I got for $249.00 a year ago new at Best Buy. I love this phone. The geek in me keeps looking for the new phone. LG V30 or Pixel 2XL but prices are really out of whack for me. I want to like the Note but frankly I am not a fan. I always feel like the AMOLED screens are weirdly tinted and the curved screens and all the glass make for very fragile phones - in other brands too.
    The idea of frequent updates after MOTO/Lenovo is adraw but we shall see. I won't be any early adopter
  • This definitely has worked so far...HA! Look at the Nexus Pixel progression: No SD card expansion, no removable battery, no head phone jack (now), low price point........yep, you are correct, the consumer definitely tells Goog what to do.
  • If you're replying to me, and you are indeed bring sarcastic (as how I'm reading your reply) then you misunderstood initial my comment.
  • No matter what it's priced Google isn't going to ship a Pixel with an SD card slot, soooo
  • Actually, it was a corporate mantra for Research In Motion that Blackberry devices would never, ever, ever have a built-in camera - and add on about 30 more "evers" with respect to removable storage. And yet.... Times change... I'm certainly not saying that Google absolutely will, and the trend to produce devices without it hasn't been quashed to date, but it isn't so far out of the realm of possibility that a definitive statement should be made to the contrary.
  • Fair, but adding a camera didn't affect RIM's goals. Google doesn't want you to have more memory space - it wants you to use its cloud services, particularly Google Photos but basically everything else. Adding an SD slot goes against one of Google's core business goals, hence no slot.
  • Actually, that's not quite accurate. RIM vowed never to include those items citing security issues, when offering and selling the most secure business/government device platform was their core business goal. The market demanded the change, and in time RIM gave in and adapted to that demand.
  • You might wanna step into the 21'st century and cloud storage. Expandable memory is outdated an honestly a waste of space for other hardware / smaller frame for the phone. Don't make the rest of us suffer because you're unwilling to let go of the past.
  • Some would say the same about the headphone jack. Just as many would probably be upset because they still want to use it.
  • I like cloud storage and am all for it but expandable memory is important when you don't have a connection. Either that or have more internal memory from the start
  • So Apple always had it right?
  • It is about choices. Nothing about the 21st century. I prefer not to use cloud storage.
  • This
  • Cloud storage requires you to have an internet connection and good luck trying to download your entire icloud library to a computer. It's a pain in the a$$. Whereas an sd card requires no such connection.
  • That pricing can't be right. $100 only gets a bump from 64gb to 128gb. That's worse than Apple with memory prices. I simply don't believe this.
  • It seems possible to me. Didn't they match Apple's prices last year?
  • Some people refuse to believe the earth is (mostly) a sphere, that humans evolved from a common ancestor with the other great apes or that vaccination saves lives... Their lack of belief doesn't make any of those things any less true. That said, this is merely conjecture at this point, so your scepticism is very valid. Just be prepared to adjust your belief based on evidence... Google have never really ridden the cutting edge of storage options. They want everyone using Drive, Photos and play music, not storing files locally.
  • That was a little too deep for a comment on expendable storage
  • Kind of hard to download apps using cloud storage only. That’s what storage is needed for, ever increasing sizes of apps and games. Even Apple knows this and they rely on iCloud.
  • Expandable storage is also subject to getting corrupt. I saved my last two vacations on an expandable storage card inside of my 7 Edge. The card ended up being corrupted - without ever removing it. So I lost all of those pictures. Expandable storage may be nice in some cases - but it is still not totally reliable - that's the point I want to make.
  • So they think that they warrant iphone 8 plus price with half the storage for the same price? I really hope this is wrong, or it better blow us all away. Single camera isn't going to do it for that price, squeeze isn't going to do it for that price. 64GB isn't going to do it for that price. For me anyways, I would likely wait another month or two when the Note 8 is $200-300 off, or the something else newish that will have taken the price hit already.
  • I think the pricing is what it is because of the screen - large display, small bezels.
  • That's too expensive! I have the HTC U11 and I was wondering about Pixel 2 XL but at that prize? No way!
  • Uglier than the first Pixels and overpriced like other flagship phones. No thanks I'll be looking at the midrange from now on. I used to look at last year's flagship models but with Google limiting OS upgrades to 2 years this rules this option out for me.
  • Aren't the mid-range phones updated even less than 2 years, I mean look at the Moto phones. I would think that last year's flagship would still be a better buy than mid-range. Maybe I'm wrong.
  • The OS upgrades have always been limited to 2 years (or more appropriately guaranteed for 2 years). Google was the ones pushing for a minimum of 2 years of support,because in the first few years, some OEMs were abandoning their devices within a year. Now while they say 2 years of updates, it is at the OEM's discretion if they want to push updates beyond that point (the Nexus 7 2013 was a good example of them supporting the device for longer than the 2 year period). But for the most part, 2 years is the most you'll see from any OEM, Google or otherwise. In fact it's a huge deal if an OEM pushes an update after the 2 year mark, and by OEM I'm referring to OEMs other than Google. So it's rather unfair to sign go out Google when other OEMs don't normally support their products any longer than Google does. These other OEMs could at the very least push their monthly security patches out on time, yet most are anywhere from 2 to 6 months behind. Those actually protect customers from malware and other threats, yet OEMs can't seem to be bothered to push them.
  • There's always used, I scored an HTC U11 for $337 in mint condition.
  • Can't wait. Price isn't that bad
  • Cheaper than the Sony Xperia Z5 Premium at launch IIRC.
  • I feel good not wanting to pay $600+ dollars for a phone anymore. Call me Mr. Budget :P
  • Hi Mr. Budget, I'm Mr. Broke... Nice to meet you
  • $950 for 128gb? How about no. Google, you and Apple can take your overpriced phones and shove them where the sun don't shine. There are plenty of other manufacturers out there willing to sell us perfectly fine phones for hundreds less. In the meantime I'll keep my OG Pixel, thank you.
  • You forgot Samsung's Note 8 line, which is in the low to mid $950 range. I have to think long and hard on replacing my Nexus 6P for a clearly more expensive Pixel XL 2, or the aforementioned Note. Already got my wife a Note 8.
  • Wait why you have to get another phone should the 6P be ok for at least one more year?
  • It should, but been getting premature shutoffs lately (even before the Oreo upgrade). I even did a factory reset, but no dice. It's already been repaired/replaced once when it bootlooped while under warranty.
  • I am having the same issues with my 6p. My phone is 10 months out of warranty I called Google today explained the issue. And they are sending out a new pixel XL as a replacement. You should be able to do the same as long as you bought your 6p through Google.
  • It sucks for those of us who got our 6P from other retailers. I need a replacement too but I got my phone from Newegg. I'm getting lots of crashing/freezing up.
  • I spoke with Google and Project Fi 3-times today requesting a replacement and they sent me to Huawei who sent me back to Google etc...
    The final word I got was that neither party would replace my 6P due to premature shutoffs so if I want to stick with Fi I'm going to have to make a device decision.
  • That's good information. I guess I'll only buy the Pixel products from Google.
  • I was going to say the same thing. It's difficult to compare the Note to the Pixel because they have very different software philosophies, but at least with the Note, you know what you're paying the huge price tag for, the S-Pen and dual camera. With the Pixel XL 128GB, it's $20 more than the Note, no S-Pen (obviously to some the S-Pen is useless but then they can get the S8+ with current pricing at $750). Anyway, last year it was also overpriced and it sold more than they could deliver, unless they purposely limited production.
  • So if I buy the 128gb xl and keep it for two years and not buy two phones every year, I save money :)
  • It feels like they're pricing this off of iphones. Last year's pixels were exactly at the same price points as the iphone 7 and 7+. This year's Pixel 2 XL will actually be bigger than the 8+, so going off of the $799 of that device, they're adding another $50 because 2 XL will have a bigger, edge-to-edge screen.
  • Yeah the price point is high but wasn't last years pixel XL 32GB?
  • yes
  • They lost me when they did away with nexus
  • Why the had LG do the XL and NOT include its awesome wide angle camera is beyond me. Unless this is a wide angle camera that is able to somehow crop in for normal mode, its probably going to be a no from me and I will end up just getting the V30.
  • To add to your point, apparently they took the squeeze gesture introduced by HTC and made LG add that to the XL. Let's see now, which is preferable, the wide angle camera, or a squeeze gesture??
  • In an Autumn full of dissapointments, the Note 8 delivered. >iPhone Notch
    >Pixel XLing the price
    >LG V30 "coming soon"
    >Essential ... busted camera/features Meanwhile the Note8 is just out here murkin it.
  • Unfortunately the note 8 looks and feels like a cheap piece of s
  • Not even close but feel free to pout in the corner.
  • Wrong.
  • Umm..........huh? Even the most vicious Samsung haters usually can admit that Samsung has a great feel to their devices, even if you hate the glass. There's plenty to bash with Samsung if you want to be reasonable, but the feel and design of their devices is not one of them.
  • You're lying.
  • I agree. Looks like a cheap box. And way too tall. How big do they think pockets are anyway?
  • It's not true! Please tell me it's not true 😭
  • The Pixel fails because of the price but the Note delivers even though it costs more?
    You crack me up
  • If you want to boil it down to being only about cost without considering the historical analysis of what the Pixel is. It's the Nexus. No matter what they brand it, it is spiritually a Nexus. The high price point is unbefitting of that legacy in the opinion of many enthusiasts, which lets face it, are the people buying these devices. It's the same reason OnePlus had a better start than Essential. Tempered expectations with a higher than expected delivery. People saying the Samsungs feel cheap...close your eyes and picture me rollin. Haha
  • Nobody bought nexus phones. That's why they aren't being made anymore
  • Yeah, because the Pixel is so much different.
  • You forgot no headphone jack for the Pixel 2... ( Well I guess that's still TBD?)
  • I find the Galaxy line feels cheap and that awful bloatware
  • Yep. Samsung have improved the quality of the S series, and even their A series, but the J series is still built likes a kids toy.
  • I think the biggest factor in this price (and last year's) is the premium appearance (not the physical looks but the way people view its place in the market). If Google shipped these phones at $100-200 cheaper than the Galaxy s8 and iPhone 8, then people would view them as cheaper products. By pricing them the same as the iPhone, they put them in the same class. Ultimately though I think these prices are always a bit overdramatized. I bought my Pixel XL for $435 from Verizon on a carrier deal and boight my Galaxy s8 from Best buy for $420. Just wait for a deal to pop up and you'll be fine.
  • I think your right - they should be $100 to $200 cheaper than the iPhone and Samsungs phones. But I don't think Google is into capturing the market share right now. I like the frequent updates - no bloatware - integration with Google Services etc. For me - the new Pixels, Essential phone, and Android One has my attention. Huawei 10, LG V30 and Samsung phones are competitive (got to admit - those are very impressive), but I would be making sacrifices... To me frequent updates are essential, prudent. And I am being polite. Extremely.
  • Definitely agree. I love the features and design of Samsung and LG phones but really want frequent updates. I actually sold my Pixel to buy the GS8 since I thought Samsung had been doing a great job rolling out security updates. I'm ok with waiting for Oreo drive Samsung has so many features even without it. However now it's 9/19 and no sign of the September security update so we'll see...
  • Also include the $99 insurance and tax :)
  • Sweet, only $1200 or so after tax and insurance for me.
  • You could probably get free interest going through Google financing
  • Just wait for a deal. IDK if you're stuck in a carrier contact or not but Black Friday will probably have some great deals. I'm hoping TMobile will have the same deal as last year where you can buy a Pixel from Google and they'll pay off half of it for you if you get their service.
  • Thought the pixel 2 xl had a dual cam setup?
  • Not a single rumour I've seen has suggested that would be the case.
  • The problem with the Pixels is they now want to charge flagship prices but they offer very few of the features offered by other manufacturers flagship devices so you don't feel like you are getting value for money. If they want to compete with Samsung, LG etc then they need to start making super slick phones and stand out hardware wise as stock Android will never compete with the features others pack in software wise. I think Google need to go back to their roots, reasonably priced Nexus phones that Android enthusiasts can root and use custom ROMs and other users can use them for being a decent phone at an affordable price. Getting other manufacturers to make phones and sticking stock Android on them doesn't really cut it anymore in my opinion unless the price is right,
  • Features......bloatware
  • Subjective
  • I agree. I hate that water resistance bloatware that the kids are into these days.
  • Thing is, water resistance has nothing to do with the software, which is what bloatware is referring too :)
  • So an S pen is bloatware?
  • Well all the rumours have been that the second generation Pixels will have that anyway.
  • Yup and hoping they have wireless charging too.
  • It's only bloatware if it's not useful to you and not worth the performance hit, and even Samsung has improved a lot in terms of performance. Personally, I prefer a slightly slower Samsung than a super quick Pixel because I love some of Samsung's unique features / bloatware, like the S-Pen, Samsung Pay, and more. But to each his/her own.
  • Bingo
  • That'd be nice, but Google wants to make money on hardware now. They're not going to go back to the low-margin mid-range market.
  • Sorry, but going to have to suggest that you should have made your statement as an opinion rather than expressing it as if it were a fact. Let's look at a few things Pixels offered as advantages vs their then-current competition at release (last year, as full details aren't yet public for new models).. Unlocked
    Compatible with virtually all carriers
    Google Assistant
    Best camera in most situations (and arguably still the best a year later)
    On-device live support
    Unlimited full resolution photo and video online backup & storage
    No unremovable bloatware
    Etc... Admittedly, there are a number of features they didn't include that were going on competitive flagships, but the same could be said against them in comparison to the Pixels. In terms of feeling like you're getting value for your money, it all comes down to what you personally value. I own a Pixel XL as it was easily the best choice for me, but at the same time have counciled others to go with Samsung, iPhone, and other devices depending on their needs and priorities. Really looking forward to learning more about the new models, though I'll probably hold on to my Pixel XL another year because unlike a lot of other phones, my experience has shown virtually no deterioration of it's performance over the course of a year of heavy use.
  • So the pixel 2 will be 5.6 inches with bezels. The pixel 2 XL will be a 6 inch phone with minimal bezels. Won't they end up being the same size device? 5.5 is the sweet spot for me but I'll be pissed if they are the same size
  • All the rumours and reports are that the Pixel 2 will be a 5" 16:9 display, same as the original one. The 2 XL is rumoured to be a 6" 2:1 display, which is the same width as a 5.5" 16:9. So if 5.5" 16:9 is your sweet spot, it's the 2XL you want.
  • Am I the only one whom isn't a fan of the design on the pixels? And that price point lol
  • No. These are contenders for ugliest phone of the year.
  • Definitely not ugly have a clean minimalist look to it
  • no you're not, I think they're a bit awkward (and for reference, I fully embrace both Galaxy S8 bezel-less *and* Sony's bezel-happy designs ;)). tech blog sites seem to love Pixels though. I guess because they carry on the spirit of the Nexus line and are the essence of no-bloat Android software. And as such they seem to be a bit mute to the price hike. One good thing is the cameras don't suck. Samsung & Apple have taken phone markup to a new level and others, like Google, are following suit.
  • The white one looks good
  • I agree. Love the white. Love the price way less....
  • Agreed!
  • Pretty disappointed Google started phone Wireless Charging which is awesome, and dropped it off.. Now Apple is re-inventing Wireless Charging, seriously Google!!! Lack of Wireless charging, dual cameras which is standard at such price point and OIS is a deal breaker at this point, also if the leaks are true about the shape of the smaller Pixel 2, Google will succeed in creating the Ugliest Small Factor phone with the largest bezel this year. Likely will get an LG V30, though I'll miss faster updates, and Google's photo storing unlimited 4K videos which only works with the Pixel! Expecting this year's Pixel 2 sales to be a flop, unfortunately!
  • Apple reinventing wireless charging? I hope you're being sarcastic! They're using Qi standard chargers, and they're not even doing any form of fast charging from what I've read. There's a difference between adding and reinventing.
  • I absolutely am sarcastic! They've been "reinventing" a ton of Android features playing catch-up for years (wireless backup, swipe down menus, true multitasking, waterproofing, fast charging, bigger phone factor, wanna be widgets on dragging down, wakeup on hold, even copy and paste and the app store in the early days came after Android ..etc) it's a shame though Google oddly dropped the ball on wireless charging, such a convenient feature at work or home once u use it you don't want to go back.
  • Come on, no matter how much you hate Apple, just look at what smartphones looked like before the first iPhone. Everything that has come since is purely an incremental update.
  • There were touchscreen smartphones before Apple introduced the iPhone, however they used a resistive touchscreen instead of the capacitive one used on the iPhone. Resistive doesn't work as well as capacitive for human touch, it's better for use with a stylus. So their screen eliminated having to use a stylus. The other thing Apple did was make their device more focused on entertainment rather than business as smartphones had done prior. Devices we're more video and music driven than the spreadsheets and word processing that previous smartphones were. In that regard, they opened the smartphone market more towards the regular user than the business professional. So it wasn't so much a technical breakthrough as much as shifting their demographic focus. It's not so different from a company that makes a line of devices focused on children, which we've seen done before as well. And in that same regard, Apple essentially "dumbed down" smartphones for the casual user, making it easier for them to use versus say a business or professional user who knows how to run such a device. It actually follows a simple rule you see in engineering circles called K.I.S.S., Keep It Simple Stupid. Or to borrow from Star Trek's Mr Scott, the more they over think the plumbing, the easier it is to stop up the drain. Another factor was Apple's popularity at the time. Between their MacBooks and their iPod line, Apple was THE face for cool tech in the early 2000s. Everyone seemed to have an iPod (I still have mine in fact). It was one of the easiest ways to take your entire music library with you without a separate player and a large CD album. There were others in the field, but none were as simple to use as the iPod (except for adding files to the device, I'm looking at you iTunes). So when Apple announced the iPhone, essentially an iPod with calling capabilities and a web browser, anyone who owned an iPod was in, and those who didn't have one were intrigued enough to make the leap. I was set on getting one whenever Verizon started to offer it (where I lived they were the only carrier in town). But then an issue with my iPod and Apple's handling of said issue turned me off of them. It was essentially a money grab that ended up costing them what would've been a loyal customer. I was pro Apple all the way to that point. And because they tried to squeeze an extra couple hundred dollars from me, they lost out on future iPhone and iPad sales because of it. Fairly shortsighted considering how much more they would've made if they hadn't tried done it. So while the iPhone is heralded as the mother of modern day smartphones, how they achieved it is relatively simple. There wasn't any really groundbreaking tech involved that was limited to their devices as capacitive screens were used in other devices (outside of the smartphone sphere). But their combination of making it simple for the end user, a focus on entertainment over utility, and the wave of popularity Apple was riding from their iPod and MacBook products created a perfect storm. Take any of those three factors away, and the iPhone could've very likely been just another device.
  • Ironically, iPhones are now The phone of choice for large companies.
    Kinda funny how that worked out ehh?
  • Will the Pixel XL2 ship with headphones with built in assistance ($100) to make up $200 difference from the Pixel 2?
  • That was a rhetorical question?
  • does anyone think it may come with dual sims?
  • Nope.... None of their phones have had dual sim, and given that North American carriers will be selling it, consider it a guarantee.
  • I don't think anyone thinks that.
  • This makes me wonder how much the smaller ones would be. The white one looks pretty cool though.
  • 649$ for the 64gb and 749$ for the 128gb smaller pixel 2. I believe those were the prices I read on some of the other articles
  • Looks like one of those two colored erasers.
  • Just got my hands on my N6Pixel replacement. Thank God I haven't paid real money for this. Absolutely not worth the asking price. The Canadian pricing for the Pixel XL 2 is going to be EPIC.
  • $1099 and $1249 I'm guessing.
  • Pretty much the Australian price. Far too Expensive for what it is. Note8 would be better choice. Waiting for Nokia9 to come out and compare.
  • Another ugly pixel?
  • Looks like a 2007 iPhone turned upside down...will have to see in person.
  • Good luck, Google. You'e going to need it.
  • I can't say I'm surprised by an $850 starting price. That's what I was expecting for the XL. Doesn't matter to me anyway because Google's only gonna get me to consider coughing that much up if they back out of their exclusivity deal with Verizon. So, I figure I'm in the clear. Nevertheless, I'm really looking forward to watching them try to differentiate the Pixels from the 2017 pack leaders (and justify their price tag). They better have big sleeves and a whole lot still stuffed up inside 'em.
  • Man, I think with 2 yr contracts, people could get top of the line devices and hide behind the $200-$400 up front cost while the rest was hidden in the bill. But now, even though you pay even less up front (just taxes) seeing the rest on your bill or on a credit card or shelling out the cash...$700 to $1200 for a phone?! What does this year's phones do, that last year's phones do not do?! Can't do it. Guess I'm back to second hand devices or waiting for best buy to have a sale. (currently rocking Moto Z from BB $10/month for 24 mo sale)
  • I am sticking with my Pixel XL for another 2 years. I am happy with it and just can't justify updating a phone every year. Mature market now so not much wow factor to the new phones.
  • wow! that is too expensive for me. These prices are getting out of hand for real. I was considering this phone but with that price I'll wait for the LV V30.
    Hopefully the price is right. If not then I don't know where to go but my 6P is ready to retire.
  • I'm out. Spent enough on high end phones. The value just isn't there. Too many good cheap units for sale these days. I'm done bleeding money for this crap.
  • High end and value never mix
  • 👍
  • Why is it so hard to make a white phone, dammit. Even the two-tone black looks silly in the picture.
  • Gross. I'm glad I got the Note 8 instead.
  • Meh. For that price I'm glad I'm typing this on a Note 8. Pixel may have jumped the shark in the second generation. Sad.
  • I'd buy the white one just for the orange power button. Reminds me of the old Sony Ericsson Walkman phones of old.
  • That's just terrible. At least price match the iPhone 8 Plus which starts at 799 for 64 Gigabytes! It would've been great if it started at 128 gigs than 64.
  • Can't wait to see the excuses made to justify this. The phone is overpriced for what you'll get, just like the first gen. I guess Google is trying to provide an Android alternative to the iPhone. Price it like it has all the features first and slowly add them in over time. Thankful there is an HTC, LG, Samsung, Moto and One Plus out there making good stuff with more bang for the buck.
  • Well since no one mentioned it, was up with the orange looking power button?
  • I think the orange button is going to match the speaker grill on the front.
  • That would be cool. Reminds me of the original HTC EVO. I loved the design. Black phone eith red accents. The camera has a red ring, the kickstand was red and when you took of the back plate the interior was red.
  • Might as well get the Note 8 or Dare I said the iPhone X
  • At least if you get the Iphone you're guaranteed updates longer than 2-3 years..
  • **** this. Why SHOULDN'T I just go with a nicely priced OnePlus or Xperia XZ1 Compact or something else high end but much, much cheaper than this?
  • The answer is, you probably should. The only way to counter this price gouging is not to buy into it.
  • If cost is a big factor to you then you should get the OnePlus 5 or XZ1 Compact. I'll be getting the Pixel XL though.
  • I could afford it but I feel like talking a stand lol.
  • If LG V30 can beat this, iPhone X, Mate 10, Note 8 in pricing then they will sell a lot of phones. Just like last year when the Pixel came out, seemed very high priced and to be honest, there are a lot of good capable phones in the market today. Who really cares about bezel-less phones anyway? Good camera, good sound processing, good speakers, good battery life and consistent updates would get my vote over some then bezels...
  • Guess I'll be using my 5x until its update support ends.
  • I hope at that price point they offer a trade-in like Samsung did with the Note 8. 50% off with a valid trade-in should suffice and retain my business!
  • Random thought. I don't even know if this is possible, but what if the camera actually had a 2x optical zoom? Would that alleviate people's worries about not having a dual camera setup?
  • not possible with a single lens on a smartphone camera. If you placed it in your front pocket the mechanics required to do so would make a bulge on the back of this thing big enough to get you a few sexual harassment charges.
  • I have to wait and get a used one
  • I wonder if the two sizes have the exact same design language. Looks are subjective, and I know some like the contrast between the metal and glass, but it never really suited me. I would never expect a Pixel to have removable storage because, well, Google. However, having no cellular signal and no secure WiFi is something that happens to me daily. Headphone jack, or the lack thereof, is not confirmed 100%. Now, with Google working so closely with HTC, and HTC being the only company who has breakthrough tech for USB C audio, it's possible they may license it to Google. If they do, then it'll be a real treat for Pixel owners, as $200 Sennheisers or Sony studio headphones on an external amp don't sound as good as USonic. But I suspect that it's far more likely that Google will either have no 3.5 jack and no special USB C audio, or they will have a standard 3.5 jack (which is the better option out of the two). So even though I'm not in the market for another phone, right now, I'm still interested in what features they my introduce.
  • The two sizes are pretty much confirmed at this point to differ on the screen construction. The Pixel 2 will be very much identical in bezel to screen ratio as the originals and the Pixel 2 XL will be edge to edge with very minimal bezels. This annoys me to a HUGE extent because while I would rather have a smaller phone, I want a smaller one with a minimal bezel design. If I'm upgrading this year, that means I'm heading for the XL. Hoping its not as big as the 6p, because while I truly Loved that phone I did not miss its size when I moved on to the smaller pixel. While ditching the head phone jack isn't confirmed one way or another, I would say most of the consensus is on the fact that it will be left out. At this point in the game, that may as well be a confirmation.
  • Bwahahaha, only suckers, rubes and idiots will pay that much for this phone. And you don't even get any of the supposed status of an iPhone (another sucker bait), because no one will recognize a Pixel phone as anything different from a 200-buck generic Android.
  • You sound like a brilliant fella
  • I know I'll be getting one >>>>Sucker. Plus it will let me give my current XL to my best friend, she is on my old 6P at the moment and the battery isn't the best.
  • I wish we were friends 🙄
  • Sucks I can only afford the xl. I wanted to get the smaller size too for the occasions I need something smaller.
  • Sounds like a really tough position to be in (first world problems).
  • It is kinda frustrating
  • Exactly, people in other countries with real problems don't understand how tough our lives are in first world countries... They are so self-centered 😒
  • I'll stick with my Note8.
  • I'll probably put my Pixel XL up for sale and go for the upgrade. Trying to talk myself out of it but it won't work. The XL 2 will be a beast. The price is what it is. Buy it or don't, no use complaining about it.
  • but, but, Apple was INSANE to have a phone at $999. Google surely can't be Just as insane!! /s For real tho. I get the pricing, but without it being available thru ALL carriers on monthly payments, 9 out of 10 people will never buy this.
    Sales will be incredibly low. Pixel/Pixel XL combined sold less than 3 million units for the ENTIRE year. At this price and Verizon only, they will sell even less.
    Apple sold 73 million in a year for comparison sake. iPhone 7/7+ had more than 3 million preorders. I am not bashing android here, I just don't get why Google won't put this phone on ALL the carriers. if they did, it would be my Android device to go with my iPhone X.
  • I think the total Pixel sales have been around 5 million. Still not that many but nearly twice as many as 3 million. But the point is that Google sold as many of them as they wanted, the supply was taken up. I am sure it will be the same with the second gen models. And unlike Apple Google do not live and die by the success of phone sales so they can afford to take things easy with Pixel sales and build slowly. They also don not want to piss Samsung off.
  • Why does everyone bring up Google pudding off Samsung? Samsung isn’t the only Android OEM that matters; what about the rest of the OEM’s? And I don’t recall Windows OEM’s getting pissed off when Microsoft made the Surface.
  • OEMs sure did have their words about Microsoft cutting into their sales with their own tablet. Do you still see advertisements for any non-surface windows 10 based tablets? And people pick on Samsung because Samsung is the undisputed highest volume producer of Android based hardware. Yeah there are other OEMs but none of them hold a candle to the number of sales Samsung deals with annually. If they were to decide to stop using Android on their phones it would really damage Android's ecosystem, although that will likely never happen because we all know how well tizen OS took off...
  • I really don't mind what the back looks like, it's the front that's important, that's the part you look at and use!
  • If LG prices the V30 aggressively, I think that phone will clean up. That's what I'm hoping for anyway. I just don't think Google will be able to justify these prices.
  • No... Its an LG. They look great and function well initially, but always succumb to shoddy LG build quality. The V30 will suck and receive 0 support like all of its LG predecessors. LG. Never again.
  • They will price it aggressively at $799.
  • With these recent trends my LG V20 is looking better and better every day. Expandable storage, removable battery and IR blaster(hint: it's not just for TV's) which almost none of the modern flagships have and still two great cameras all in a metal durable body. And outside of the V30 still the best sound with a wired connection via QuadDAC and second to none HiFi recording. I'll upgrade in 2019. I was waiting for the V30 but LG can't get their stuff together and I don't really NEED a new phone anyway.
  • The IR blaster was one of the most useful, yet most overlooked and shortest supported features on the smartphone. I really wish it was still included on flagships. control everything with an IR receiver in my house with my phone, oh how amazing.
  • Well ..two tone looks horrible.. certainly would think Google would have been able to come up with a better looking phone, was hoping for a phone looking more like the V30 ..time will tell
  • The V30 is stunning. If LG can come up with decent updates for a change, it's the FAR better buy this year.
  • Everyone said that about the nexus 6p when the renders came out as well, with the two tone white with black rear window. I personally thought that phone was gorgeous in person. I'd agree I'm not a huge fan about the two tone at the moment, but when we get actual videos showing it off maybe that will change.
  • Looks like I'll be buying a XL 2016 on swappa once the prices are official.
  • I've been a die hard Nexus/Pixel guy since the Samsung Galaxy Nexus on Verizon (yes it was absolute crap). My current daily driver is a 128GB Pixel XL and I can no longer justify spending $1000+ for a flagship phone that can't keep up on features with other flagships. I do appreciate the timely updates, stock Android, and unlimited cloud storage for pics and video. However, there is NO excuse for Google to put out a 2017 Pixel XL which does not include dual cameras, and a headphone jack!!! Can't wait for the announcement on October 4th!! I'm dying to see the mental gymnastics they're going to use to explain why they omitted the jack. Especially after they took shots at Apple last year!!! My Pixel is going up on Swappa as soon as I get my hands on a LG V30!! Sorry but........I'm not about that dongle life!!!!
  • Why does it have to have dual cameras if one camera can do as good our a better job.
    Does the camera on your Pixel suck or something?
    It's praise as one of the best if not th best camera our 2016 and 2017.
    The V30 isn't even out yet, sure, there been a lot of hype able it by everyone except Lg which seems to be there normal marketing or lack there of. Maybe that's why all of there phone's have been under sellers and your a fanboy even before its release.
    What's up...Please?
  • Yeah, I don't really know why the dual lens thing has you baked. The previous pixel is one of the best cameras ever put in a smart phone and it was a single lens. With the v30 you aren't even getting a portrait lens you are getting a super wide angle lens which in my opinion is a less attractive option as if anything Id rather have the option of like a 2x optical zoom. but hey, different strokes. The Headphone jack thing... I mean I get it? But in reality, in my situation at least, ive used the headphone jack on the first pixel maybe 3 times in the last year, and only because I didn't have my Bluetooth headset with me. Bluetooth is everywhere now and extremely easy to adapt to anything you would normally need a headphone jack for. The need just isn't there and if removing it added the ability to include something cooler then I'm fine with it. Agree about the apple bashing last year though, that's gonna be fun to watch.
  • BT sucks. I don't want to charge my headphones. I use the headphone jack every day so do many others.
    I don't need headphone always radiating on my head either. They don't put a headphone jack they loose me and many others. V30, Note 8, OP5.
  • Nope, exclusive to VRZ? Still no SD expansion, Still no headphone jack, Still trying to be an answer is Still No Thanks!!!
  • If you are looking for expandable storage the Pixel phones will never be your phone. Google Hasnt put an SD slot in a phone in years
  • Trolls don't deserve responses, but your attempt at trolling was pretty pathetic. In one line of text you listed 4 facts and were wrong on 3 of them. The Nexus/Pixels aren't exclusive to Verizon, they never were. This might be the first Nexus/Pixel that has no headphone jack, your use of the word "still" appears to be lacking. Comparing a nexus/pixel to an iphone is somewhat valid, but you're doing it wrong.
  • The Moto X4 is looking mighty tempting for the price ($400). I’d rather pay that than $700+.
  • So is the Huawei Mate 10
  • Hopefully they break into the USA market specially t-mobile!
  • If the X4 had a Snapdragon 660 instead of a 630 I'd be all over it, but at $400... you can grab an Galaxy S7 for that or less and an S8 in the $500-$600 range with trade in.
  • Phone prices just keep on going up at the top end and I'm not sure how. When it comes to financing I'm now seeing phones hit the $40 a month point! I guess as long as people buy them they will keep pushing the bill. Midrange phones have never looked better.... Plus they keep the headphone jack!
  • Try $50 a month for an iphone X.
  • What is the purpose of the glass visor?
  • What's the purpose of having any glass on the back of a phone or aluminum for that matter? Phones have become a status symbol which is just stupid as hell and most cover them up with a case anyway. It's these idiot reviewers that start lavished praise on the iPhone when they first did it and then the other manufacturers were pushed into making all glass phones. For God's sake, these are mobile devices and not everyone sits on their ass in an office all day. I have a Note 8 and would have loved to have a grippy rubber back on it but noooo.... then it wouldn't have the prestige that is required for high end smart phones.
  • Glass on the back allows for wireless charging, metal not so much. You may not care for it now, but when the technology advances and wireless can charge as fast or faster than quick charging today, you will want it.
  • You're missing the point. He's arguing that plastic/rubber backed, durable, phones were fine for most people that don't use their devices as a status symbol. I for one completely agree with him. Sure metal and glass is pretty but it scratches and breaks. I'd rather have a durable phone and I don't mind plastic/rubber. Samsung Active is a good example of what the mainstream device SHOULD be, rather than this ridiculous fragile thing like the S7/8. Carry on now.
  • Lovely. Unless there is a major unforeseen flaw, I'll be getting myself one of these.
  • I simply don't get it. Why are people willing to spend that much $$$ on a smartphone when you can get something with similar specs for so much less? Such a waste, IMHO.
  • They want updates.
  • Looks like I'll be keeping my Moto X Pure until I can get a V20 again. I knew the Pixel 2 wouldn't offer anything similar to what the v20 offers, but I was hoping it would change my mind.
  • Am I the only one that thinks the design is ugly as hell?
  • Nope. They are iphone rips with that stupid top that looks like its been dipped in gloss paint. I don't get them & would never buy 1