If the discounted Pixel 3 isn't your first choice in phone, this Pixel 4 deal may be the one for you. Amazon currently has both the Pixel 4 and Pixel 4 XL on sale with $200 off, which drops the starting price of the phones down to just $599. At launch, there were several complaints about the price of the phone, and today's discount should settle those.

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Google Pixel 4

These discounts are not as great as what we saw on Black Friday, but $125 is no small amount to save. Be sure to grab one now, before the discount disappears!

Save $125

The Pixel 4 takes a lot of what people loved about the Pixel 3, like the size and camera, and makes them even better. With improved low-light captures, and a new Astrophotography mode, there is a lot to love here. Google added a second camera to the rear of the Pixel for the first time this year, giving you even more flexibility to capture those great shots.

Not sure whether or not the Pixel 4 is the right phone for you? Be sure to check out our full review and even the second look at it to help you make the right choice!

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