What is Samsung Care+?

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What is Samsung Care+?

Best answer: Samsung Care+ is essentially Samsung’s add-on warranty protection for devices that goes beyond the standard manufacturer’s warranty. It offers extended protection against things like drops, breaks, cracks, and damage as well as theft and loss. Samsung Care+ also provides 24/7 support for new Samsung device owners that opt for the add-on option.

Which devices can include Samsung Care+ and what does it cover?

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Samsung Care+ is predominantly available for Samsung smartphones and tablets. There are also protection options for Samsung Galaxy smartwatches and true wireless earbuds, as well as computers. It’s described as a combination of insurance and service contracts, with the former underwritten by Continental Casualty Company and administered by Asurion Protection Services, LLC. 

The coverage includes a specific period beyond the manufacturer’s warranty that comes with the device purchase. Services include repairs for things like cracked screens, in some cases as soon as the same day through one of more than 700 authorized repair locations. If a replacement is needed for issues that will take longer to fix, or for a non-functional product, you can often receive a replacement as soon as the next day. 

There’s also coverage for damage due to drops or liquid spills, which falls under the category of “accidental damage.” However, you are limited to only one claim following the expiration of the manufacturer’s warranty. The same goes for mechanical and electrical breakdowns.   

Samsung assures that all repairs are done by certified technicians and using Samsung genuine parts. 

Additionally, Samsung Care+ includes 24/7 expert support for any troubleshooting that may arise. This might include help transferring data from an old device, connecting to other devices, and more. Experts can be contacted by phone or online and are available 24/7 to provide assistance as needed. 

One of the latest additions to Samsung Care+ is coverage for lost or stolen Samsung Galaxy phones and tablets.  

Additionally, it’s worth noting that Samsung offers a third plan called Samsung Care+ Essentials for PCs. It costs from $19 up to $89 for a two-year term depending on the computer model and includes free service for mechanical breakdowns.

How much does Samsung Care+ cost?

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Pricing varies depending on the specific device. Repairs for a cracked screen will cost anywhere from $29 to $249. For lost or stolen devices, Samsung will replace them for customers who have Samsung Care+, oftentimes as soon as the next day. 

There are four tiers of service relating to the specific device, with the higher-end models landing in tier 1, of course, and lower-end, entry-level or older-model phones in tier 4. Sign up for a 36-month term from $7.99 per month up to $17.99 per month. 

Choose the deductible that makes the most sense as well, from $149 up to $499 for a lost, stolen, or unrecoverable device, and from $99 up to $249 for a damaged device, which excludes “accidental damage from handling,” or “ADH.” There’s a limit of three claims within a 12-month period, with a maximum value of $2,500 per claim.

Should you have a whoops moment, however, and need to replace or repair the phone, there is ADH coverage (not including within the state of New York), with up to three claims within a one-year period at a maximum value of $2,500. The service contract fees for this range from $99 up to $249, though they can be as little as $29 for the repair of a cracked screen on an older model phone. For any claims of malfunction not caused by ADH, these will be replaced at no charge. 

Adding Theft & Loss coverage, like with any insurance plan, comes at an additional fee. Once again, there are four tiers of plans, which range from an extra $3 per month up to an additional $11 per month on a 36-month term or pay upfront for two years from $49 up to $239. ADH replacement fees with this add-on are $99, a flat fee of $29 for cracked screens, and, once again, no charge for malfunction claims. The same maximum number of ADH claims and maximum dollar amount per claim apply. 

Visit the Samsung Care+ support page on the website to sign up for Samsung Care+ (you can also do this at the time of purchase) or submit a claim if you have already signed up and require one.

Is Samsung Care+ worth it?

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Whether or not Samsung Care+, which is ranked among the best phone insurance providers, is worth it really depends on the individual user, their habits, and the specific device. Chances are only the most expensive devices justify paying the extra money to protect them: it wouldn’t make sense to pay more for protection over the period of a few years than a device itself is worth. 

For higher-end phones that cost in the thousands, Samsung Care+ might be worth considering for accident-prone individuals, field workers, heavy travelers, and students. But also consider that even with coverage, most repairs still incur a fee. Would you be able to find a trusted third-party repair center that can do the job for a similar fee without spending monthly for the insurance as a “just in case” policy? 

What’s more, most of us keep our phones for two, three, maybe at most four or five years. By that time, contracts, if any, are up and deals are typically favorable to upgrade to something new. With trade-in values for phones, it’s easy to upgrade to a new one. If you’re confident that, with a protective case, you shouldn’t run into issues like cracked screens or water damage, you might be better off hedging your bets. But if a costly mistake happens, you’ll pay the full repair price out of pocket which may or may not equate to what the cost of Samsung Care+ would be over time. 

Bottom line: weigh the benefits and drawbacks and make the decision you feel most comfortable with.

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