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The Best Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 prices and deals of September 2022

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Samsung's newest foldable has finally reached store shelves, which means it just got much easier to find a great Galaxy Z Fold 3 deal. The groundbreaking device that brought the foldable phone experience to the mainstream is finally seeing some decent price cuts, with tons of trade-in opportunities and even a few straight discounts available. 

Straight discounts are particularly appealing since they tend to have a domino effect: once a store like Amazon slashes prices on a smartphone (like it did this week), you can usually expect other retailers to follow suit. Will this happen with the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3? Only time will tell, but you can rest easy knowing that the best deals can be found below. Of course, if you want the best of the best, we also keep track of Z Fold 4 deals, but if you're cool with saving big on last year's device, this is the page for you.

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 deals of the month

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Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 256GB: $1,799.99 $1,299.97 at Amazon (opens in new tab)

Although it's not quite as enticing as the deal we saw last week, you can still get the 256GB version of the Galaxy Z Fold 3 with a truly jaw-dropping straight discount of $570 if you order from Amazon today. These phones are selling fast, so don't wait too long to make your move. 

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Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3: Up to $410 off with trade-in at Samsung, plus a complimentary Freestyle (opens in new tab)

Pick up a Z Fold 3 directly from Samsung and they'll give you up to $410 off when you send them an old device. That's a pretty measly offer when you consider how much the competition is offering for trade-ins, but you'll also get a Freestyle projector with your purchase, a standalone value of $899.99. 

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Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3: $1,799.99 $1,249.99 at Walmart (opens in new tab)

If you're on the hunt for a straight discount, this offer from Walmart might stop you in your tracks. Right on the heels of last week's Galaxy Unpacked event, the retailer started selling the Z Fold 3 for $550 off, bringing the price down to $1,249.99. Although that's still a bit pricey for a smartphone, it's nevertheless a solid deal and one that bodes well for the future of Z Fold 3 deals. 

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Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3: $1,799.99 $1,099.99 at Boost Mobile (opens in new tab)

Boost Mobile is an excellent prepaid carrier that offers some flexible data plans for cheap on T-Mobile's massive 5G network (plus zero contracts). They also offer tons of great deals on unlocked phones, including this one that sees the Galaxy Z Fold 3 receive a massive $700 drop in price, no strings attached.  

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Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3: Up to $1,000 off with new line and Magenta MAX (opens in new tab)

Magenta MAX is essentially a lineup of premium wireless plans from T-Mobile that offer loads of features and more data than you could shake a stick at. They also tend to come with discounts on great devices, such as $1,000 off the Z Fold 3 when you add an eligible line.

Once you get your new Z Fold 3, you're obviously going to want to keep it safe. Check out our list of the best Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 cases for some stylish and reliable protection. 

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