Some Galaxy phone screens are showing a nasty green line after an update

The app drawer on the Galaxy S22
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What you need to know

  • Several reports highlight a display glitch affecting older Samsung Galaxy phones post a software update.
  • The glitch affects the Galaxy S21 series and other models like the Galaxy A73, M21, M52 5G, S22 series, and Z Flip 3.
  • Users notice the green line issue post updates like One UI 6.0 or the April 2024 security update, suggesting software glitches.

Multiple reports are swirling about a display glitch affecting some older Samsung Galaxy phones after a software update.

Android Authority reports that multiple users are griping about a green line showing up on some Galaxy S21, S21 Ultra, and S21 FE models. This green line glitch disrupts the screen and could even lead to other problems.

Meanwhile, SamMobile pointed out even more devices affected, including the Galaxy A73, Galaxy M21, Galaxy M52 5G, Galaxy S21 FE, Galaxy S22 series, and Galaxy Z Flip 3, on top of the S21 series.

Users have been noticing the green line problem either out of the blue or right after they've installed One UI 6.0 or the April 2024 security update. So, it seems like it might be tied to some software glitches. Furthermore, there are cases where the glitch pops up during heavy usage, like gaming.

It's possible that some underlying hardware issue got worse because of the update, showing up as those pesky green lines on the screen.

Fortunately, the phones are still ticking along just fine. Usually, a quick reboot or a factory reset should sort out these software hiccups.

In an emailed statement to Android Central, Samsung did not directly acknowledge the issue. That said, it gave the following advice:

"Samsung is committed to providing the best possible mobile experiences and product quality continues to be one of our top priorities. If you're experiencing a vertical line symptom, please visit an Authorized Samsung Service Center to take appropriate action."

It turns out this isn't the first rodeo for Galaxy phones and green lines. If you scroll back through the months or even years, you'll find folks bumping into the same green line snag. Back in early 2021, Samsung had to quietly yank a software update for the Galaxy S20 Ultra because it brought along a green tint and a handful of other headaches.

Green lines aren't exactly new with OLED screens, even plaguing other brands like OnePlus. The tricky part is, no one's quite sure what triggers them. Hopefully Samsung can figure this out and get a fix out soon for Galaxy users.

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