Run, don't walk! The Google Pixel 7 has hit a record low price at Best Buy

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We've seen a lot of great Google Pixel 7 deals over the last six months, but today's offer is a first. Head to Best Buy or Amazon and pick up an unlocked Pixel 7 and you'll instantly save $150 on your purchase — no trade-in required and no strings attached. 

That 25% discount knocks the price of the phone down to just $449, which is the cheapest that the flagship device has ever been without the addition of trade-in credits or eligibility requirements. Simply add the unlocked phone to your cart and the savings are yours. Like we mentioned above, both Amazon and Best Buy are offering the same discount, but the latter retailer is sweetening the deal by throwing in three free months of YouTube Premium, an additional value of $35.97. 

As we note in our Pixel 7 review, this flagship phone from Google boasts excellent software with three OS upgrades guaranteed, alongside a sleek design, reliable battery life, and some of the best camera software on any smartphone to date. 

Get the Google Pixel 7 at a record low price

Google Pixel 7 128GB: $599$449 at Best Buy

Google Pixel 7 128GB: $599 $449 at Best Buy

Hurry to Best Buy and grab an unlocked Google Pixel 7, and the retailer will hook you up with a straight $150 discount. They'll even throw in a free subscription to YouTube Premium for three months.

If you choose to activate your phone today, Best Buy will give you an additional $100 off, knocking the price of the phone down to just $349. 

Google Pixel 7 Pro 128GB:$899$749 at Best Buy

Google Pixel 7 Pro 128GB: $899 $749 at Best Buy

If you'd rather grab the Pixel 7's more-powerful big sibling, the Google Pixel 7 Pro is also seeing a significant $150 price drop at Best Buy and Amazon. That's not quite a record-low price for the phone, but it's close, plus you're getting our top pick for the best Android phone that money can buy. 

If you missed this price drop, don't worry: we keep track of the best Google Pixel 7 and Pixel 7 Pro deals all year round. 

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