It seems LG users are holding on to their phones as support continues

LG Wing in hand with video playing on main display
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What you need to know

  • We asked our readers if they were still holding onto their LG phones.
  • From more than 1,000 votes, 68% say they still use an LG phone as their primary device.
  • Some users still kept their devices but have switched to another OEM, while fewer have switched completely.

It looks like there are still a few LG phones out there. Over the weekend, we asked our readers if they are still holding onto their LG phones now that the company exited the smartphone business more than a year ago (it doesn't seem that long).

Out of more than 1,000 votes, 68% of our readers say they are still using an LG phone as their primary device, while 20% say they are still holding onto their LG phone but have switched to another OEM for their primary. Just 11% say they have switched completely.

Of course, the number of people who owned LG phones by the time the company bowed out may not have been a staggering amount, but it's good to see that many are still loyal to the company, which has vowed to support certain devices for a few OS upgrades.

Poll results asking if users are still using LG phones

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BlacKnight on Twitter says they still use the LG V60, one of the phones that are likely slated to receive Android 13 (whenever LG gets to it):

"I'm still rocking the LG V60! I can't find a solid replacement that has the audio tuning the same!"

One reader, Harys Viewty, boasts the durability of LG's dual-screen attachments while calling out some of the best foldable phones for their durability problems:

"My LG DualScreen phones are still running fine, while competitor's foldables are breaking everywhere."

James Klusener on Twitter comments that LG's absence will cause stagnation in the industry, something I once argued as LG was one of the few companies that took chances on weird concepts:

"Never owned an LG, however, I do think their push for new ideas and at times downright innovative [sic] will be a weakness for the market in terms of pushing it forward rip LG, back when 'life was good.'"

As someone who was a huge fan of LG, I think it's great that many users still find value in their phones. I still keep my LG Wing around even though I moved on to Samsung, mainly because it was the last major launch from the company, but also because it's a genuinely interesting phone that still manages to turn heads.

Hopefully, companies can find their inspiration again beyond regular foldable to make interesting phones.

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