This is the most popular storage size for smartphones, according to our readers

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What you need to know

  • We asked our readers how much storage their current smartphone holds.
  • More than 30% say they have 128GB of storage followed by 256GB.
  • Fewer users have microSD cards despite low votes for higher storage sizes.

As smartphones improve, manufacturers offer higher storage sizes, particularly for flagships. That's largely due to the unfortunate fact that companies are removing microSD card slots as they push buyers to purchase higher storage sizes.

With this in mind, we wanted to know how much total storage our readers have in their current smartphones. Surprisingly, the most popular option was 128GB with no microSD card slot, which is usually the minimum storage size offered in many of the best Android phones.

Second to that was 256GB, followed by users with 128GB and a microSD card, and then the larger 512GB option. Options with microSD cards mostly received the lowest votes.

Poll asking how much storage your smartphone has

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Many readers on Twitter say 128GB is enough for them, with some saying they've opted for Google One cloud storage, which helps with some of the burden. The growth of music streaming apps and video services likely plays a role as well. However, not everyone can manage with just 128GB of onboard storage, as some of our readers noted.

On Facebook, Albin Aficial, says 256GB isn't enough for them:

"I have 256gb almost full, the most advisable internal storage must be 512gb..."

Meanwhile, many readers agree that OEMs should continue to give consumers the option for removable storage.

"Removable storage does it for me," one reader responded. "Also, i love the ability to remove the SD card and plug it into another device if reqd."

Another reader on Twitter complains about the prices companies charge for higher storage options when asked if their phone storage meets their needs:

"No, and its ridiculous the amount of money they charge for more GB storage. Because it doesn't cost that much in other storage mediums."

Fortunately, some companies have started offering preorder deals where you can buy a phone with higher storage for the same price as a lower storage option. Samsung offered this with the Galaxy S22 and, most recently, its latest foldable phones. Still, for users who cannot take advantage of these preorder deals, choosing more storage can often result in a $100-$200 bump in price.

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