Nothing Phone (1) gets the first taste of Android 13 via Paranoid Android

Nothing Phone (1) next to a neon glowing number 13
(Image credit: Nicholas Sutrich / Android Central)

What you need to know

  • Nothing Phone (1) gets a new custom ROM from Paranoid Android.
  • Dubbed Topaz Alpha 1, it introduces Phone (1) to Android 13.
  • The official rollout of Android 13 by Nothing is not expected until early 2023.

In July, Nothing and Paranoid Android first announced that a new build was in the making, supposedly a custom ROM to provide users full control over the Phone (1). Cut to three months later, Paranoid Android's first custom ROM is now available to download, and the good thing about it is that it is based on Android 13.

Like the previous announcement, Paranoid Android took to Twitter to announce the new Topaz Alpha 1 build for the Nothing phone (1) (via Android Police). The team at Paranoid Android has come up with an Android 13-based custom ROM, which is available to download on their site. It weighs a good 1.8GB and wipes the current data if the consumers are willing to flash on their Phone (1) running Nothing OS.

For two reasons, this custom ROM from the team is undoubtedly exciting to see for the Phone (1). One, it brings Android 13, and two, custom ROMs are generally perfect for Android phones as they enable rooting and modding and allow users to use the device at its full potential.

Meanwhile, Nothing plans to release Android 13's first beta later this year, CEO Carl Pei confirmed on Twitter. And the full release is expected in early 2023. So, Paranoid Android has an edge here, which is good and gives users willing to flash the ROM the first taste of Android 13.

As always, we recommend, and so do folks at Paranoid Android, to create a full backup of your Phone (1) if you're opting to flash the Topaz Alpha 1 custom ROM.

Paranoid Android also promises regular security patches with timely builds for the Topaz Alpha 1. Moreover, the Topaz builds, based on Android 13, are also available for devices like Pixel 6 and 6 Pro, next to Pixel 6a, OnePlus 9, and 9 Pro, to name a few.

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