The Nothing phone (1) is about to get a little Paranoid

Nothing phone (1) review
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What you need to know

  • Nothing and Paranoid Android took to Twitter to announce the new ROM support.
  • A custom third-party ROM can provide users with full reign over their device.
  • There is currently no set date for when Nothing phone (1) owners can see this new support available.

Everyone's been trying to get their hands on the Nothing phone (1). With it now released, it looks like the phone will soon gain support for the Paranoid Android ROM.

Nothing CEO Carl Pei took to Twitter to announce that the third-party ROM is coming to the phone (1).

Paranoid Android is a popular open-source custom ROM, which is essentially an operating system that allows users to customize their phones beyond what's normally available on Android.

The Nothing phone (1) saw such strong hype, despite being a slightly-above-average average Android smartphone (with some lights). What's come of the new phone gaining partnership with Paranoid Android could make it much more appealing for fans of custom ROMs. There are already plenty of phones that are perfect for rooting and modding, and with Carl Pei at the helm, Nothing's new phone may soon be among them.

9to5Google notes that this news has come just after Nothing placed its kernel source code and device tree on Github. With this information available to the public, third parties could begin crafting their own OS for the phone. They go on to explain that the Nothing OS is "almost identical" to the current build of Android you'd find on a Pixel 6 Pro with some minor tweaks to make it different. It's also worth noting that a good portion of the current Paranoid Android team worked on OnePlus to create OxygenOS.

Paranoid Android has also recently seen increased support from some of the best Android phones. That said, there is currently no date set for when people who enjoy messing with the inner workings of their phone can see Paranoid Android ready for the Nothing phone (1).

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