LG outlines upcoming Android 12 update plans, but it's a bit disappointing

LG V50
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What you need to know

  • LG has released its upcoming update schedule for Q2 2022.
  • Thee phones will be updated to Android 12, including the LG Q92 and the 2019 LG V50/V50S.
  • The LG Velvet was recently the first LG phone to be updated to Android 12.

LG may be down and literally out, but the company is sticking to its commitment to continue providing major updates to its phones (we hope). LG has just published a new update schedule for Q2 2022, outlining the upcoming device updates it has in store. As exciting as that sounds for fans of LG, the schedule may be a bit disappointing.

According to LG, three phones are set to receive the update to Android 12 this quarter. That includes the 2019 LG V50 ThinQ and its S variant and the mid-range LG Q92. Besides that, other devices are set to receive new security patch updates this quarter.

It's a bit disappointing that LG isn't bringing Android 12 to the LG Wing. Fans likely won't be pleased to see the LG V60 missing from the list since it was arguably one of the best Android phones of 2020 and a cheaper yet quite capable alternative to Samsung's Galaxy phones. That said, the update schedule is for LG's home country of South Korea, and its plans could differ depending on the region.

That said, it's encouraging that LG is sticking to its promise to update phones released in 2019 and onwards, meaning it's likely just a matter of time before more devices receive Android 12. Although, with Android 13 around the corner, don't hold your breath for speedy updates.

The LG Velvet was the first — and so far only — LG smartphone to receive Android 12, which began rolling out in March. It arrived just over a year after the device was updated with Android 11, which it was also the first to receive. LGnormally updates its phones in its home country before other regions get them, but hopefully, it won't be too long until the remaining LG fans are treated to the latest version.

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