How to claim up to $800 off the Galaxy Z Fold 5 during the Samsung Spring Sale (ends tomorrow!)

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 5 in split-screen mode
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The clock is already ticking on this Galaxy Z Fold 5 deal! As part of the Discover Samsung Spring Sale, which runs through March 10, the company is offering an instant trade-in credit of $800 for the Galaxy Z Fold 5, plus 15% off when you buy through the Shop Samsung app.

The Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 5 is one of our favorite foldable phones, and this particular deal is for the 256GB configuration. It offers impressive battery life, long-lasting software support, and unmatched performance in the foldable phone category. While this smartphone's high price tag is a major downside, the trade-in credit from the Discover Samsung sale could make it a little more approachable.

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 5 256GB:$1,799.99$999.999 at Samsung with eligible trade-in

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 5 256GB: $1,799.99 $999.999 at Samsung with eligible trade-in

Until March 10, you can get up to $800 OFF for the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 5 with a trade-in, plus an extra 15% off when using the Shop Samsung app to order.

According to Samsung, eligible trade-ins include the Galaxy Z Fold 3, Galaxy Z Fold4, S23 Ultra or the iPhone 14 Pro Max. If you don't have one of those, or you have one that's damaged, you may still be eligible for a partial trade-in credit — though you probably won't get the full $800.

Price comparison: Amazon - $1,499.99 | Best Buy - $1,499.99

✅Recommended if: you want a capable, folding phone; you liked past generations of the Galaxy Z Fold.

❌Skip this deal if: you don't want to trade a phone in or don't have an eligible phone to trade in; you need a phone with high dust resistance; you can wait until the Z Fold 6 drops later this year. 

All in all, this is an outstanding foldable phone with a big price tag and a few small quirks. It's undoubtedly powerful, with some sophisticated features for easy multi-tasking, long software support, and some of the best performance and battery life on any foldable phone to date. While the foldable display can sometimes flicker at high brightness settings and it doesn't offer any level of dust resistance, it's still a pretty great phone, especially when you pair it with this limited-time deal from Samsung.

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