Great Boost Mobile deal: Get a month of 5G for only $0.99

Boost Mobile deal
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Boost Mobile is already one of the most affordable wireless carriers around, but it's just upped the ante with a deal that gives you a full month's access to their 5G/4G LTE network with 5GB of data for only $0.99. That's a whopping 96% discount from the usual monthly rate of $25, plus Boost is throwing in free shipping (usually $4.99) and a free SIM card (a $9.99 value). After the first month is up, the plan goes back to $25/month. 

Boost's 5G network comes with unlimited talk and text and a free mobile hotspot, and like all Boost Mobile plans, there's no annual service contract. This means you can easily switch plans or carriers if you want something different after a month. That being said, the prepaid carrier uses T-Mobile's network, so users that stick around get to enjoy widespread 5G coverage on just about any unlocked Android phone

When it comes to prepaid wireless carriers, Boost Mobile reigns as one of the best for versatility and international options. Boost has a plan for just about anyone. For example, people who don't need a lot of data can opt for 1GB or 2GB of data, while data-heavy users can go all the way up to a beefy 35GB plan. 

Plan to be out of the country for a while? Boost Mobile is also popular for its international add-ons. With the Todo Mexico Plus package ($5/month) you get unlimited calls to and from Mexico alongside unlimited international texting. Subscribers with the International Connect Plus plan ($10/month) get to enjoy international texting and up to 200 minutes of calls to over 50 countries. 

It's unclear how long this $0.99 for 5GB deal will last, but if you've been looking for the right time to switch carriers, this may be it. Scroll down for a link to the deal.

Boost Mobile - 5GB of data for just $0.99

<a href="" data-link-merchant=""">Boost Mobile - 5GB of data for just $0.99

With this deal, Boost Mobile is giving new customers a month to try their 5G/4G LTE network with 5GB of data for only $0.99. That's a discount of 96%, plus the carrier will also send you a free SIM kit to make setup simpler. 

Thanks to T-Mobile, Boost's 5G coverage area is massive. The plan also comes with unlimited talk and text, a mobile hotspot, and compatibility with most unlocked GSM phones. 

But hey, if you want to do a little more research before taking the leap, we got you covered there too. Check out our comprehensive buying guide or see how Boost fares against the competition with our Mint Mobile vs. Boost Mobile prepaid carrier showdown. 

If you've done your research and Boost Mobile still doesn't seem like the right pick for you, there are tons of other alternative carriers to consider in our best MVNO carrier guide. Or you can go back to basics with one of the traditional brands from our best wireless carriers roundup. 

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