The Pixel Fold may have just been spotted in the wild

Leaked rendering of the Google Pixel Fold in white.
(Image credit: HowtoiSolve)

What you need to know

  • Google has been rumored to have a foldable Pixel phone in the works.
  • A Reddit user claims to have spotted the Pixel Fold on a train in New York City.
  • The images show the device while closed and in landscape orientation.

It's only been a day since Google revealed the date of its next Google I/O event, and the Pixel Fold is apparently already roaming the streets of New York City. A Redditor claims to have spotted the elusive foldable on a train in NYC and managed to snap a few photos.

According to the Reddit post on Tuesday, the person using the phone was apparently trying hard to hide the phone, probably to not make it too obvious that they were using an unreleased Pixel foldable. The Redditor apparently realized it was the Pixel Fold based on the camera bump on the rear, although they did not manage to get any shots of the back of the phone.

"The camera bump on the back gave it away and he was trying so hard to hide the camera bump."

The images are blurry, which the Redditor attributes to a shaky train and not wanting to get caught taking photos of the device. You can check out the images on the Reddit post, and while they don't reveal much, one shows a fairly clear view of the alleged Pixel Fold while closed and playing a video in landscape orientation.

(Image credit: u/onetaketeo (Reddit))

There's not much to go on in the photo, and you really have to squint to see that this could very well be the Pixel Fold. You can see at the top where the bezel ends and the hinge begins, and it looks similar to previously revealed renders of the device.

Alleged live image of the Pixel Fold next to a render

(Image credit: Reddit, OnLeaks)

The Redditor says the Pixel Fold was a "dark blue, black color" and that the bezels appear to be "super thin." Additionally, they noted how they're "surprised at how thin the phone is." Rumors indicate that the phone might be heavier than other foldable phones like the Galaxy Z Fold 4, although this could be attributed to a larger battery.

For now, we should take this with a bit of salt, but it seems somewhat likely that the phone in question could be the Pixel Fold. Google is known to have its devices out in the wild for testing some time before they're actually announced. The Pixel Watch was one of the most recent and notable examples after the device was famously left in a restaurant.

The timing is also a little suspect, given how the company just announced the date for Google I/O 2023 on the same day. This is presumably where the company may officially launch the Pixel Fold, but we'll likely have to wait until May 10 to see what Google has in store.

But who knows, someone might find a Pixel Fold lying around on a park bench somewhere.

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