Google's upcoming Pixel 8a might not be as wallet-friendly as expected

Leaked renders of the Pixel 8a.
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What you need to know

  • Rumors suggest the Google Pixel 8a, meant to be budget-friendly, might be priced at the same as last year's flagship phones.
  • The Pixel 8a will supposedly start at €569.90 for the 128GB version and have a higher cost of €630 for the 256GB variant.
  • Color options might also include Obsidian (black), Porcelain (beige), Bay (light blue), and Mint (light green), although availability across storage options is uncertain.

A new rumor suggests that the Google Pixel 8a, which is supposed to be a budget-friendly option, might actually be almost as pricey as Google's flagship phones from last year.

WinFuture, which cites unnamed retailers in Germany, reports that the Pixel 8a is in for a noticeable price hike (via PhoneArena). Based on early information from German retailers, the price for the upcoming mid-range model will start at €569.90 (approximately $622) for the 128GB version.

Google is also supposed to launch two storage variants for the phone, and if you're eyeing the beefed-up version, you may need to buckle up for a higher bill. The retailers have reportedly revealed that the Pixel 8a 256GB variant will cost €630 (approximately $687).

That's just a breath away from the regular Pixel 8's $699 price. But those numbers might still be up in the air, as per WinFuture.

Google is no stranger to playing with price tags on its budget-friendly phones. Take the base Pixel 7a, for instance; it went from €459 for the 6a to €509.

Nevertheless, our own Nicholas Sutrich praised the Pixel 7a for delivering serious bang for your buck. It has top-notch camera action, mind-blowing Tensor G2 performance, and a sleek 90Hz display.

Now, the real head-scratcher is: Can Google offer enough upgrades to make us willing to pay more for the Pixel 8a?

The Pixel 8a might be packing a serious punch in the specs department, giving that price bump some street cred. We're likely looking at the Google Tensor G3 hardware straight out of the Pixel 8 Pro playbook. Recent rumors also point to a 4,942mAh battery, a giant leap from the Pixel 7a if the details are on point. That's the kind of upgrade that could make your wallet a bit more forgiving.

We're keeping our fingers crossed for some camera upgrades, too. We're hoping the Pixel 8a borrows a page from its big sibling, the Pixel 8, bringing in handy features like the Magic editor.

In addition to the price, WinFuture says the Pixel 8a offers some variety with four colorways: obsidian (black), Porcelain (beige), Bay (light blue), and Mint (light green). However, the report hints that these hues might not spread evenly across both storage options.

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