Google Pixel 8a could have a larger battery than its predecessor

Leaked renders of the Pixel 8a.
(Image credit: SmartPrix)

What you need to know

  • A new UL Demko listing reveals an unidentified Google device.
  • It confirms the battery capacity of the handset, which features 4942mAh.
  • The spotted handset is believed to be the Pixel 8a, which could launch during the next Google I/O event.

Google's Pixel 8a is the tech giant's next product release before the Google Pixel 9 series and the Pixel Fold 2. While we have already seen some renders of the Pixel 8a, the new certification that surfaced online likely indicates what powers the device.

A new UL Demko listing, a Denmark-based certification, was spotted by MySmartPrice. It revealed a new Google device bearing a GH2MB model number and a 4942mAh battery capacity. Per the model number, the featured device is likely the upcoming Pixel 8a.

Pixel 8a battery capacity

(Image credit: MySmartPrice)

MySmartPrice notes that it could be possible since its predecessor, Pixel 7a, came with a similar GHL1X model number in some regions. Meanwhile, the Pixel 8a's model number is still speculative because a previous leak hinted at a different G6GPR model number.

The Pixel 8a could be touted as a phone featuring at least a 5000mAh or 5040mAh battery capacity, per the battery UL Demko certification. If the certification presumably belongs to the Pixel 8a, we could see a notable difference from the previous Pixel 7a, which featured a 4385mAh battery capacity. 

Other than the Pixel 8a, MSP further indicates this listing could also be that of the Pixel Fold 2, as the previous iteration came with a 4821mAh battery capacity, very close to the one spotted in the listing.

However, chances are still being determined since model numbers differ (the Pixel Fold featured the G9FPL model number). However, the upcoming foldable would be on the same launch timeline as the Pixel 8a.

Meanwhile, the previous leaked renders and retail box spots have given us a clear picture of how the Pixel 8a would look. It could likely be similar to the Pixel 8 series lineup, with rounded corners and a notable camera visor.

Overall, the information available today remains speculative. Given the number of leaks and real-life images, we could anticipate more substantial evidence about Google's next mid-range phone in the coming months.

Vishnu Sarangapurkar
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