Pixel 8a retail box spills the beans on the design

Leaked renders of the Pixel 8a.
(Image credit: SmartPrix)

What you need to know

  • Pixel leaks are in full swing, and this time it's the Pixel 8a retail packaging under the spotlight, confirming the phone's existence and revealing the model number as G6GPR.
  • While a blue prototype of the Pixel 8a surfaced earlier, the latest leak showcases a more conventional black design.
  • The higher-resolution image highlights a minimally raised camera bar, distinct from the frame, integrated into the rear plastic panel.

Images of Google's next budget Android phone were spotted in the wild late last year, and now the Google Pixel 8a is back in the spotlight thanks to a couple of leaked pictures of its retail box.

The image was posted on X (formerly Twitter) by @chunvn8888, showing an unassembled Pixel 8a retail box. It popped up in a Vietnamese Google Pixel Facebook group.

The box art flaunts a Pixel 8-like design and rounded edges, matching the earlier leaked renders. Plus, we now know the model number is G6GPR (via 9to5Google).

The initial scoop hinted at a blue colorway, but this fresh image suggests the Pixel 8a might also come in a sleek black finish. This new picture has higher resolution gives us a close-up of the details. For example, the camera bar doesn't appear connected to the side frame; there's a clear gap, a signature move for recent Pixel A-series models.

Also, notice how the Pixel 8a's frame flexes some extra curves compared to its predecessors, hinting at a comfortable grip.

We've heard whispers before that the Pixel 8a might sport a 6.1-inch screen similar to the Pixel 7a. But the retail box didn't spill the beans on any hardware or new features. So, we're still in the dark about what makes this phone tick.

Going by the usual playbook, the Pixel 8a is expected to hit the stage at I/O around May. Now, the million-dollar question: will Google stick to the lofty $499 price tag, or will it finally cave and start with a lower price? Only time will tell.

These Pixel 8a leaks seem pretty legit but keep in mind that we're in the dark until the real deal drops. Until then, it's all just tasty speculation.

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