The Pixel 7 Pro runs into crucial display issues early on

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What you need to know

  • The Pixel 7 Pro's display is severely draining its battery while at full brightness.
  • Findings have shown that the Pixel 7 Pro's display is using around 50% more power when compared to the Galaxy S22 Ultra.
  • Another issues finds the Pixel 7 Pro's display remaining on for roughly a second after shutting it off, resulting in unwanted apps opening.

Google may have an issue on its hands already regarding its Pixel 7 Pro display.

According to XDA Developers, the Pixel 7 Pro's display is causing serious issues with its total battery life. For them, they began noticing issues with how the new flagship's display strains the battery once the brightness of the phone increases to maximum. The findings showed that with about fifteen minutes of screen time, the battery had dropped by 10%.

In terms of power consumption at 600nits, the Pixel 7 Pro can reach 3.5W to 4W. The drain increases significantly once the phone reaches maximum brightness as the power consumption reaches 6W at around 1500 Nits. XDA then compared Google's recent phone release to Samsung's Galaxy S22 Ultra and found that the Pixel 7 Pro uses around 50% more power.

However, it looks like this power issue with the Pixel 7 Pro began with the Pixel 6, and it's only gotten worse with the former.

As curiosity and testing took them further, it appears that the Pixel 7 Pro's display is using roughly half of Tensor G2's power. To put it into perspective, using the Pixel 7 Pro at full brightness while performing another task that would require the screen to remain on would likely use as much as 18W of power. It's guesstimated that this would provide users with maybe three hours of battery life before they're required to plug it back in.

While the Pixel 7 Pro's display is rapidly draining the battery under certain instances, there is another issue found by @krazyfrog on Twitter. According to their tweet, the Pixel 7 Pro's display still registers touch inputs even though the screen is off. The running theory is that, while you have turned the screen off, it remains active for roughly a second more, which results in an app being opened or other unintended taps as you're most likely putting your phone down or back into your pocket.

While the Pixel 7 Pro is not the first phone to run into display issues early on, we hope that these are problems Google can address in future updates. Meanwhile, our unit seems to provide roughly five hours of screen-on time, which could be a result of the added train.

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