Google Gemini and other AI models could come to iPhones in the future

The Google Gemini app
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What you need to know

  • Apple is considering adding third-party AI models like Google Gemini to iOS 18, following the integration of ChatGPT.
  • Apple's Craig Federighi emphasized that users might prefer different AI models for specific tasks, and Apple aims to let users choose their preferred model.
  • Allowing users to choose their AI model could set Apple apart from competitors like Google and Samsung.

An Apple executive has revealed that the company is open to adding third-party AI models like Google Gemini to iOS 18, after bringing ChatGPT to the platform.

At WWDC24, Apple announced a partnership with OpenAI to integrate ChatGPT into iOS 18. This means that if Siri can't answer a question, it will pass it on to ChatGPT for a detailed response. This collaboration boosts Siri's abilities and combines the strengths of both AI models.

After the keynote, Craig Federighi, Apple's software engineering chief, hinted at even bigger plans for AI in iOS. In an interview, he mentioned the potential of adding Gemini alongside Apple's current OpenAI partnership (via 9to5Mac).

Federighi's comments back up reports of Apple's potential partnership with Google, hinting at the integration of Gemini into iOS. He suggested iOS 18 might adopt a multi-model approach, offering more choice and customization in mobile AI assistants.

"We think ultimately people are going to have a preference perhaps for certain models that they want to use, maybe one that’s great for creative writing or one that they prefer for coding," Federighi said during the interview moderated by YouTuber iJustine. "And so we want to enable users ultimately to bring a model of their choice."

Federighi said Apple’s pick of ChatGPT reflects the company's focus on top-notch tech for users. With this partnership, Siri gets to use OpenAI’s GPT-4o without extra costs or new accounts. Plus, Apple keeps your privacy safe by not logging queries or IP addresses. Basic features are free, but you can subscribe for premium AI perks.

It's worth noting that while Federighi confirmed Apple's plans to bring more AI models to iOS 18, especially through its partnership with OpenAI, he didn’t actually mention Gemini.

Anyway, this could be a big deal for the future of AI on Apple devices. Allowing users to choose their AI model would set Apple apart from competitors like Google and Samsung, who stick to one AI assistant. If Apple takes this route, it could lead the way in giving users more control over their AI experience.

The first beta of iOS 18 doesn't yet have Apple Intelligence features. These smart functionalities are set to be tested over the summer. The full public release of iOS 18 is expected in September.

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