Apple reportedly wants Google's Gemini for its iPhone

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What you need to know

  • A report claims that Apple is currently in talks with Google, hoping to implement its Gemini AI models into its iPhone software.
  • Gemini would bring several on-device generative AI features to Apple's upcoming iOS 18 later this year.
  • If true, the report suggests a formal announcement could occur in June during WWDC.

According to a Bloomberg report, Apple is beginning to work with Google as it looks to integrate Gemini into the foundation of its iPhone software. According to sources close to the matter, Gemini's array of models would be integrated into Apple's generative AI features that it's currently developing for the iPhone.

These new Gemini-backed capabilities will reportedly be available for Apple's iOS 18 software, which should land on iPhones later in 2024. The publication adds that the "enhancements" would further enhance Apple's intent to create on-device Gen AI features.

Such offerings would include AI-based image creation and "writing essays based on simple prompts."

The report adds that Apple had been testing its own LLM (large language model) since "early last year" dubbed "Ajax." The company has also tested its own AI chatbot called "Apple GPT," but sources claim the software has remained "inferior" to Google's. Additionally, sources state Apple had once entered talks with OpenAI about using its software, but it appears it will lean toward Google.

As Bloomberg noted, Apple's CEO Tim Cook has utilized OpenAI's ChatGPT previously but stated that "a number of issues need to be sorted." Cook will also look to implement Apple's version of AI features onto the iPhone on a "very thoughtful basis."

With such AI possibilities seemingly in line for iOS 18, it's speculated that a formal announcement could happen in June at the earliest during WWDC (Worldwide Developers Conference).

Android Central has contacted Apple and Google for comment about their rumored AI partnership but has not heard back in time for publication. We will update the article once we have more information.

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Apple is potentially looking to work with Google for AI, which makes sense, as Android Central's Jerry Hildenbrand once suggested that "if the company execs don't want to shell out a few of its billions on R&D or hire people who already know how it's done, it could simply partner with Google or another company in the same way Samsung has done and let the heavy lifting happen in Mountain View or elsewhere."

While it seems Apple may put more faith in Google's Gemini model, Cook's comment about problems with AI should extend to its potential partner, too. Google disabled Gemini's ability to create images based on user prompts in February following severe backlash. Users discovered that the bot was quite inaccurate when given a prompt regarding historical groups of people.

Meanwhile, it remains to be seen what more a Google-Apple AI partnership could bring feature-wise. The former introduced its new "Circle to Search" capability, which arrived on the Galaxy S24 series earlier this year. Users could utilize an array of touch gestures to highlight specific items in images for a search through Google's engine.

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