Second Galaxy Z Fold 6 model rumored to go 'Ultra,' not cheaper

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 5 Cover Screen in tree

What you need to know

  • A new rumor coming out of MWC suggests Samsung's second Galaxy Z Fold 6 will bear the "Ultra" title instead of going cheaper.
  • More concrete information is unknown. However, there's speculation Samsung could make the Ultra different by changing its displays, batteries, and more.
  • The latest rumors go against several others, and a report from South Korea suggested Samsung was "exploring" a cheaper fold.

Samsung's rumored second Galaxy Z Fold 6 model is not going to be cheaper.

According to WinFuture (German), Samsung's second Galaxy Z Fold 6 model will supposedly arrive as an "Ultra" device (via Android Police). This was supposedly learned through discussions held at MWC 2024. As the name suggests, the rumor adds this "Ultra" Fold will be more expensive, going against what was previously theorized.

Beyond the new title, what a Fold 6 Ultra could bring to the table is unknown. It's currently speculated the device could differ in display size, memory setup, "integrated or optional stylus styles," and battery.

There's also potential that Samsung could switch up the design slightly between the Fold 6 and this rumored Fold 6 Ultra, should the device come true.

This rumor flips the script entirely on what was thought at the end of January. Leaks from last month showed Samsung ordering components for two codenamed devices: "Q6" and "B6." It was assumed to be the Fold 6 and Flip 6, considering Samsung used "Q5" and "B5" for the 2023 wave of foldables. However, a "Q6A" was also discovered and assumed to be a cheaper book-style foldable.

The "A" tag seemed quite similar to Samsung's A series phones and followed alongside a report in January from South Korea suggesting Samsung was "exploring" the idea of a cheaper Fold 6. With things flip-flopping, it'd be best to take these rumors with caution.

It was rumored this past weekend that the Fold 6 could drop its chunky design for a lighter feel when held. Quickly following that are some alleged renderings of the device, which seemingly show a Fold 6 with flat edges on all sides. The imaging showed the device may not offer rounded edges as it features sharper corners.

The Fold 6 is speculated to arrive with a 6.2-inch cover screen and a 7.6-inch internal display.

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