A teardown shows the Galaxy S24 snuck in an upgraded fingerprint module

Hands-on with the Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra
(Image credit: Nicholas Sutrich / Android Central)

What you need to know

  • A teardown by the Chinese YouTube channel WekiHome shows the Galaxy S24 Ultra features an upgraded fingerprint sensor with model number QFS4008.
  • The module is said to be "faster," and further experiments show that the S24 Ultra unlocks slightly quicker than the S23 Ultra.
  • Other subtle changes have arrived with the S24 Ultra, like its new vivid color profile, which hasn't sat well with users as reports fly in.

Taking apart Samsung's latest flagship series seems to have uncovered an upgraded sensor that the company never mentioned.

As spotted by Ice Universe on X, WekiHome's teardown of the Galaxy S24 Ultra unearthed the existence of a "faster" fingerprint reader (via SamMobile). Samsung has utilized a 3D Sonic Fingerprint scanner, model number QFS4008. The video adds that the S23 Ultra's fingerprint scanner featured model number QBT2608.

In WekiHome's teardown, the channel discovered that the Galaxy S24 Ultra unlocked slightly faster than its predecessor when using a fingerprint.

More importantly, SamMobile checked a Galaxy S24 Plus and its specifications show it uses the same sensor as the latest Ultra model. So, it looks like Samsung upgraded the fingerprint sensor across its 2024 trio of flagship phones.

Qualcomm's 3D Sonic Gen 2 module page doesn't divulge much about the differences in the QFS4008 sensor. The company details its sleek security, anti-spoofing, and high-performance capabilities, but the older sensor contained these features. Its specifications state the fingerprint reader is contained within an 8x8mm form factor.

The publication reiterates that Samsung still has an unused fingerprint sensor in its pocket: the 3D Sonic Max. The sensor is said to be "bigger and covers a bigger area" compared to the 3D Sonic module the current S24 series uses. During Android Central's hands-on in 2021, Qualcomm stated the 3D Sonic Max can be placed anywhere a company wants and supports two-finger authentication.

Samsung has yet to use this sensor in any of its phones, making one wonder if it ever will.

The Galaxy S24 Ultra features other upgrades (that haven't sat well), like its recent vivid color profile changes. Users took to Reddit and Samsung's forums to report "washed-out" colors when comparing the display to the previous S23 line. However, the colors are here to stay as Samsung reportedly intended to make its S23 Ultra produce more "natural" colors for a better user experience.

Elsewhere, the Ultra model was put through the typical durability test gauntlet — which it passed with flying colors. Another teardown was conducted on the S24 Ultra to determine how much titanium Samsung decided to use. While the material was only restricted to the sides of the device, it was also discovered to be lower grade.

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