Verizon hands out free Netflix Premium with early access to its new content hub

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What you need to know

  • Verizon has launched its +play beta content hub in early access for post-paid mobile, 5G Home, and LTE Home customers.
  • Netflix Premium for one year on Verizon is a limited-time offer for customers that purchase a 12-month or seasonal subscription plan from the selection of partners.
  • Through the +play hub, customers can discover new content and entertainment and they can even earn exclusive savings.

Verizon is offering exclusive goodies for those that purchase a plan for its new content hub encompassing entertainment and sports.

According to Verizon's official post, the phone carrier has announced the early access launch of its new +play beta web-based platform. This hub is available to Verizon post-paid mobile, 5G Home, and LTE Home customers, enabling them to discover new content and entertainment and the ability to earn exclusive savings.

Paired with this launch, customers can obtain Netflix Premium for a year on Verizon through the purchase of select subscription plans of +play. If customers purchase a 12-month or seasonal subscription plan from the selection of +play partners such as NFL+, NBA League Pass, AMC+, and more, they will qualify for the Netflix Premium for one year gift. This promotion only lasts for a limited time during early access, so customers will need to act quickly if they'd like to secure this offer.

Verizon's streaming service content partners for +play.

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Through +play, customers can keep track of subscriptions, view what's been purchased through Verizon, and monitor how much each subscription costs. Access to +play is offered to customers without any additional fees, and the hub will also send you an alert notifying you if a free trial period is about to end or if a plan's price has changed.

Verizon's +play content hub incorporates various content services that blend entertainment, education, and fitness into one convenient place. The early access launch builds upon the company's ties with services such as Disney+, Hulu, ESPN+, discovery+, and AMC+. Today, customers can enjoy new streaming content available through NFL+, NBA League Pass, HBO Max, Netflix, Peloton, and A&E Networks (Lifetime Movie Club, HISTORY Vault, and A&E Crime Central), with more to come in 2023.

New services to look forward to include gaming, lifestyle content, and more exclusive offers to the wider Verizon customer base.

The hub can be accessed today by heading to from your computer or mobile phone. Once on the website, users can sign in using their Verizon account information and can switch between the Discover tab, the Shop for exclusive offers and savings, and the Manage tab, where customers can centralize their payments in a single space.

Verizon states that once you have subscribed to a service through +play, you can access and use the service through their own app or the online portal. Customers can always return to +play to manage subscriptions and payments at any time.

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