T-Mobile's new Google One offer provides unlimited Google Photos storage

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What you need to know

  • Google One 2TB + Unlimited Google Photos plan add-on is coming exclusively to T-Mobile on April 26 for $15 per month.
  • T-Mobile also offers the 2TB plan for $10 per month and an exclusive 500GB plan for $5 per month.
  • The 2TB of storage can be shared with up to five people but unlimited Google Photos is only available to the account holder.

T-Mobile already offers Google One storage upgrades as add-ons for its phone plans and it's adding another tier with unlimited Google Photos. This will allow photographers and videographers on the carrier to back up all of their photos and videos to the cloud without using any of their Google One data. Available on T-Mobile's website, this upgrade will cost $15 per month and includes the 2TB data tier. This plan will be available on April 26.

T-Mobile has three tiers of Google One storage available to its customer. the cheapest 500GB option is exclusive to T-Mobile and comes in at $5 per month. The 2TB plan comes in at $10 per month. These plans can be shared with up to five additional people so if you're looking to get cloud storage for the whole family, this is a solid option.

While many people will have more than enough room for their photos and videos at 2TB, some enthusiasts may need more, especially if they're taking a lot of pictures or videos on one of the best Android phones. For these folks, upgrading the 2TB plan with Unlimited Google Photos allows them to upload all of their photos and videos to the cloud without using any of their 2TB of data. Not only that, but your multimedia will be stored at full resolution so there's no compromising quality when you upload.

One thing to keep in mind is that while you can share your 2TB of storage, only the primary account holder will be able to use Unlimited Google Photos. Of course, they'll still be able to use the cloud storage for Google One photo backups. Google One is available on both Android and iOS so if some of your family is using phones from Apple, they can still get backed up.

If you're not a T-Mobile customer or don't like the amounts offered by the carrier, you can choose from a couple of other packages straight from Google. Each Google account comes with 15GB of storage for free and there are 100GB and 200GB upgrades available.

If you're looking to switch to a new carrier or if you're a T-Mobile customer looking to make the most out of your 5G connection, the Google One offers can be a great perk. Not only that, having your photos backed up gives you peace of mind while you're taking photos on vacation, but can help you reclaim some storage so you can download some videos for the trip home.

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