Best Samsung Galaxy S23 car mounts 2024

The Samsung Galaxy S23 line of phones, including the Galaxy S23, Galaxy S23 Plus, and Galaxy S23 Ultra, all boast sizable screens at 6.1-inch, 6.6-inch, and 6.8-inch, respectively. These large screens are perfect for a variety of activities, from surfing the web to streaming and recording videos, productivity applications, and more. One way owners might want to use them is for navigation in the car. When placed on an appropriate mount, the large, crisp, bright screens are a perfect way to help you get from Point A to Point B. Now comes the question, which are the best Samsung Galaxy S23 car mounts?

Here are our picks for the best Samsung Galaxy S23 car mounts

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Which is the best car mount for the Samsung Galaxy S23?

The Samsung Galaxy S23 line-up, which includes the S23, S23+, and S23 Ultra, are gorgeous new devices with large screens that you’ll want to take with you everywhere and use for every function you can think of while on the go. One of the most important of these functions is navigating in the car. 

But keep in mind that using a Samsung Galaxy S23 car mount is about more than navigation. Maybe you want to have the phone front and center so you can glance over to see who’s calling or set up a music playlist for the ride. Ones that can rotate and extend are ideal so the person in the passenger seat can play DJ or handle touchscreen manipulations while you’re actively driving. That’s why models like the iOttie Easy One Touch 5 with its telescopic arm and the Humixx Phone Mount with its rotational ball joint are great options. 

Even though all three phones offer fabulous battery life as well, it’s never a bad thing if you’re able to keep them fully charged at all times. Being able to do that in the car can be a Godsend. Car mounts like the iOttie Auto Sense Qi Wireless Car Charger that double as wireless car chargers can be a dream in this sense. 

Since most of these car mounts have flexible arms and feet that can accommodate the phones with a protective case as well, you should also look at one of the best Samsung Galaxy S23 cases to go along with your purchase. With or without a car mount, a protective case is one of the most important and first accessories you should buy for any new phone, including the new Samsung Galaxy S23 line models.

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