Philips is upgrading the Hue line in all the best ways

Philips has announced updates across the entire Hue line of smart bulbs, making it easier to fill either a single room or a whole house with lots of new options. It's the biggest update to the Hue lineup since the switch to the new square sync box, complete with pricing options that are slightly easier for new users to swallow.

Everything starts with a starter kit in the Hue world, and Philips has replaced the classic three-bulb kit with your choice of either a two-bulb kit or a four-bulb kit. The new White-only bulb kits will be available for $99, while the White Ambiance and White and Color bulb kits will be available for $149 and $199 respectively.

Philips has also updated the E12 Candle bulbs and the classic Downlight bulb. The E12 bulbs will now be available in a White and Color option for $49.99 and match the standard A19 bulb for color and temperature options.

The new Downlight now comes in a recessed lighting option, which is sealed in a recessed container to match the standard flat look of those fixtures. This recessed design makes it possible for the bulbs to output up to 750 lumens, which is noticeably brighter than the standalone Downlight option.

Finally, Philips has expanded its line of sealed fixtures to include the new Cher Suspension light. It's a 3000 lumen White Ambiance fixture built for dining rooms or kitchen islands, and it does an amazing job filing a space with light considering how thin and flush the fixture appears to be. It's a very modern-looking fixture, and the $229 price tag isn't nearly as bad as you might expect given what it is capable of.

Philips plans to make this new line available starting in October in all of the places you can currently buy Hue bulbs. Which one of these new updates excite you the most? Give us a shout in the comments!

Russell Holly

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