Spigen announces new line of cases for Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8+

We know so many of you are dying to get your hands on Samsung's latest flagship devices, so it's never too early to start thinking about which case you're going to use to protect your purchase.

Spigen is a trusted brand when it comes to phone accessories and we have a sneak peek at its case lineup for the S8 and S8+. Here's an overview of the types of cases Spigen will be offering!

Protective Cases

Tough Armor

Spigen's Tough Armor case for the Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8+ consists of two parts for extra protection. The TPU body will help protective your from drops and falls by providing some shock absorption, while the hard polycarbonate shell will protect your phone from scratches and scuffs.

Once again, Spigen's Tough Armor comes with a kickstand built into the back and they have reinforced the kickstand so it doesn't fall out of the case as easily.

These cases aren't in stock until April 7, but you can add them to your Amazon cart today.

Spigen's Tough Armor is available for the Samsung Galaxy S8 (opens in new tab) and the Samsung Galaxy S8+ (opens in new tab) today.

Neo Hybrid

Still providing dual-layer protection, but with a slimmer profile comes Spigen's Neo Hybrid case for the Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8+. The comprised mostly of a TPU body with just a subtle polycarbonate bumper frame to reinforce the corners.

The TPU body is textured, which feels nice in your hand, and I'm a fan of the new design, as the PC bumper sits nice and flush with the rest of the case.

Spigen's Neo Hybrid is available for the Samsung Galaxy S8 (opens in new tab) and the Samsung Galaxy S8+ (opens in new tab) today.

TPU Cases

Rugged Armor

A simple but effective TPU shell makes up Spigen's Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8+ Rugged Armor case.

There are precision-cut cutouts for all the ports along the bottom of the phone so you still have easy access to everything you need and all the buttons around the side are also protected, so you don't have to worry about dust and dirt getting into the hardware.

Spigen's Rugged Armor is available for the Samsung Galaxy S8 (opens in new tab) and the Samsung Galaxy S8+ (opens in new tab) today.

Liquid Air

If you're looking for something that has a more uniformed look, Spigen's Liquid Air case for the Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8+ may be more your style.

Made up of just a singular TPU shell, the Liquid Air case does have textured pattern on the rear of the case to improve your grip. Plus, all the ports are free and open so you don't lose any functionality of your phone and the buttons along the sides are all covered to protect you from dust.

Spigen's Liquid Air is available for the Samsung Galaxy S8 (opens in new tab) and the Samsung Galaxy S8+ (opens in new tab) today.

Wallet Cases

Slim Armor CS

Spigen's Slim Armor CS case laughs at the notion wallet cases can't also provide quality protection.

Comprised of a TPU cover and a polycarbonate back plate, the Slim Armor CS offers the same great protection you'll find in Spigen's protective lineup. Plus, it has a sliding-door compartment in the back where you can fit a few cards, or bills, or a combination of both, meaning you won't have to always carry your wallet around.

Spigen's Slim Armor CS is available for the Samsung Galaxy S8 (opens in new tab) and the Samsung Galaxy S8+ (opens in new tab) today.

Clear Cases

Ultra Hybrid

Perfect for showing off the natural beauty of the Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8+, Spigen's Ultra Hybrid case is made from completely clear hard TPU. All ports are open and the buttons are covered to increase protection against dust and dirt.

Spigen's Ultra Hybrid is available for the Samsung Galaxy S8 (opens in new tab) and the Samsung Galaxy S8+ (opens in new tab) today.

Liquid Crystal

Made from a soft TPU, Spigen's Liquid Crystal case for the Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8+ is a little prone to fingerprints. Don't worry, you get an installation guide and cleaning cloth in the box so you won't have nasty oil smudges on the the inside of the case.

Spigen's Liquid Crystal is available for the Samsung Galaxy S8 (opens in new tab) and the Samsung Galaxy S8+ (opens in new tab) today.

Minimalist Cases

Thin Fit

This form-fitted polycarbonate shell will easily snap onto your Samsung Galaxy S8 or S8+, and it's perfect for all you minimalists out there.

An added bonus of Spigen's Thin Fit case, is it's compatible with magnetic car mounts, as the case has space for a QNMP plate on the inside.

Spigen's Thin Fit is available for the Samsung Galaxy S8 (opens in new tab) and the Samsung Galaxy S8+ (opens in new tab) today.

Which case do you like?

Let us know in the comments what looks good to you!

Luke Filipowicz
  • Wish they would stop recycling their designs, most of those designs I remember having on my S6.....
  • That Neo Hybrid looks the best. And on the contrary, their cases have a certain look and appeal. I don't mind the minor changes or recycled look every few years as long as they continue to protect devices well. I would hate to see them go with a much different look and perhaps sacrifice protection.
  • seems odd Samsung isn't showing off all their accessories
  • They are.
  • Neo Hybrid Had one for the Note 7. I love the way it feels.
  • I've never had a phone that supports wireless charging. Would a Samsung or Anker charge pad work with a case like the Neo Hybrid?
  • I've used a Neo Hybrid with both my Galaxy S6 Edge and Galaxy S7 Edge and Wireless Charging works perfectly well with both. We can presume with confidence that the same will be the case (no pun intended) with the S8.
  • My Note 7 wouldn't charge wireless with a Spigen case on it. I used a Samsung charging pad. Having to remove the case every time defeated the purpose.
  • That's strange, never had that problem with my gs7 edge.
  • Huh I never had that issue sound like something was wrong with your phone
  • Never had that problem
  • I have a Tough Armor on my LG G5. I like it, but the edges are too sharp, especially on the charging port on the bottom. One review said over time it would wear down. When I hold the phone, I usually put my pinkie on the bottom to support it from sliding down, so it really annoys me. From these pictures, the port openings are less angular, which should be ok.
  • Any chance Samsung Pay will work through these? I had a Roocase on my Note 5 that was TPU/PC and the NFC and MST couldn't get through it.
  • I have a Neo Hybrid on my current S6 and I can use Samsung Pay just fine. I think because the PC part is mainly just for the edge protection. The TPU covers almost all of the back.
  • I was looking at these when they were leaked a few days ago... I have a very thin Spigen case on my current Nexus 6P and have used their cases for my last couple phones. I'm leaning toward the Neo Hybrid right now.
  • Have one thin spigen case now also have a versus on the way
  • Thanks for including a minimalist/thin case in your list here! maybe an editor saw my comment on that other article about cases, asking for this inclusion next time :-)
  • For these phones, transparent cases are needed. You gotta show off the color and the glass! :D
  • No thanks.
  • Any chance any of you guys at AC have screen protectors with these spigen cases? Looking to get something tempered glass that fits with a slim screen for the s8 and I don't want to buy before I know they work?
  • Late reply but... I had Spigen's Neo Hybrid case (TPU + polycarbonate bumper) for my S4. Despite *specific* claims to the contrary in their advertising, the TPU gradually deformed over time with heat from the phone, to the point that it swelled out from the back of the phone like a large bubble. Since the case now sat several mm out from the camera flash, instead of flush against the back of the phone, the case made flash photography at night impossible because it simply reflected the flash straight back into the lens, drowning the photo with light. This meant having to remove the case any time I needed to take a photo at night. Of course eventually this resulted in me trying to juggle too many things with not enough pockets to hold the case, and dropping the phone while the was case off, straight onto tarmac, shattering and destroying the phone. i.e. Choosing Spigen's Neo Hybrid case specifically resulted in my phone breaking, where a better-designed case would've remained on the phone 24/7 and saved it from the drop. My poor S4 barely lasted a year. Since then I won't touch their Neo Hybrid line or any of their primarily-TPU cases. ___ That said... I have Spigen's Slim Armor (TPU interior but full polycarbonate shell) for my S5. It's a *fantastic* case. It's not too bulky and has saved my phone from some pretty severe drops and bangs. Its corner protection is fantastic. I never need to remove it and I'm fully confident in it. There's a Slim Armor case for the S8 noted on their site but not in this article (not the Slim Armor CS, which includes the extra credit card slot). If I hop on the S8 bandwagon later this year, that is likely the case I'll be opting for again.